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Three webinars over three days, helping you to grow and expand your beautiful business
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Each webinar includes elements of  business alignment coaching and energetic clearing to help you take beautiful aligned action
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Webinar #1
Clearing overwhelm and finding clarity
When: Mon 12 June, 10:30am AEST
This webinar is centred around helping you understand where your overwhelm is coming from, why it's keeping you from doing the work that matters, and how to master the energy behind your (million and one!) ideas so you can focus on the very next (and very important!) steps you need to take in your business. 
Webinar #2
Releasing comparison in your business

When: Tues 13 June, 8am AEST
I see so many women building their business, while also spending so much energy looking around at everyone else building their business, often leaving them feeling as if they're constantly playing catch-up. I know what comparison can feel like in business; it's draining, depleting, and can feel like it's pulling you backwards. Let's clear all of that in this webinar. 
Webinar #3
Pivoting in your business with ease

When: Wed 14 June, 12:30pm AEST

Things change in business. Our passions change, our focus can change, we can change our mind. What do we do when we face change in our business, and how do we gracefully navigate these new waters, pivoting our business, passions and focus, ensuring we attract the right customers and clients along for the ride? That's what we'll focus on in this webinar.

I can't wait to see you at the webinars!

Love, Cass x