Balance your energy with a free chakra-cleansing meditation

Meditation Album Bundle


Not sure which of my meditation albums you want?

Just like the age old debate over what to put on your toast—vegemite or avocado—the answer is simple.

You can have both.

(Try it next time; it’s so good.)

Purchase both of my meditation albums in a bundle, and you’ll get over 15% off.

In this bundle, you’ll receive a total of 14 meditations

You Are Enough meditation album

  • Restore & Recharge meditation
  • Your Body Is Enough meditation
  • Step Into Your Power meditation
  • You Are Enough meditation
  • Elevate Your Thoughts (Mini Uplift) meditation
  • Align Your Energy meditation
  • Release Perfectionism meditation


Breathe & Receive meditation album

  • Grounding meditation (Base chakra)
  • Creativity meditation (Sacral chakra)
  • Self-Confidence meditation (Solar plexus chakra)
  • Love meditation (Heart chakra)
  • Inner Truth meditation (Throat chakra)
  • Inner Guide meditation (Brow chakra)
  • Higher Self meditation (Crown chakra)
  • Bonus track: An introduction to the chakras

Listen to a preview of the Grounding meditation.

Both albums will be instantly delivered to you as a digital download, so you can begin listening to them straightaway.

I can’t wait for you to make space to breathe, receive, and remember that you are enough