Balance your energy with a free chakra-cleansing meditation

Expand the Energy of Your Business Meditation

Expand the energy of your business, find your flow, and build a beautiful business that’s deeply aligned to who you are

This 21-minute meditation is perfect for you if you’ve been feeling a little ‘left behind’ in your own business, if you’ve been comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs, not sure how (or even if!) to move forwards, and if you’re tired of being on the entrepreneurial roller coaster.

You might also use it to expand what’s possible for you financially, or to help you be (and feel) more seen, or to support you in creating new products or offerings that feel aligned and supportive.


Through this meditation, you’ll align your energy to:

  • Expand your energy to hold more space in your business community for the right clients for you
  • Let go of fears of lack and failure, to allow yourself and your business to move forward
  • Up-level your energy to allow yourself to open up to receive
  • Feel more optimistic about your business and the path ahead
  • Envision yourself walking away from whatever is making you feel stuck, blocked or small
  • Ground into your body and the energy of your business, to help you draw your dreams and goals (or something better) towards you

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I hope you enjoy it!

Love, Cass x


P.S. This meditation comes included in my Beautiful Business Webinar Series.