Balance your energy with a free chakra-cleansing meditation

Breathe & Receive Meditation Album

“I just wanted to tell you that your meditations are absolutely beautiful! I love everything about them from the music, to your voice, to the super powerful visualisations and the colour healing! They are the most beautiful meditations in my collection, that’s for sure.”  – Katie | @thefloralalchemist

When we create space to connect with ourselves through meditation, we honour ourselves on a very deep level

I know how busy and stressed we can get in our lives, and I also know how much calmer and more connected we can feel (to ourselves, to others, to source energy) when we create little pockets of time to just breathe, to just be, to allow ourselves to receive.

That’s why I created my Breathe & Receive meditation album

It’s a chakra-inspired meditation album to cleanse, balance, align and heal. And, with each track being under 10 minutes, it’s something you can easily fit it into a busy day. This soothing album also includes a bonus audio lesson: An introduction to the chakras.

What’s inside:
  • Grounding meditation (Base chakra)
  • Creativity meditation (Sacral chakra)
  • Self-Confidence meditation (Solar plexus chakra)
  • Love meditation (Heart chakra)
  • Inner Truth meditation (Throat chakra)
  • Inner Guide meditation (Brow chakra)
  • Higher Self meditation (Crown chakra)
  • Bonus track: An introduction to the chakras

Listen to a preview of the Grounding meditation

Listen to a preview of the Inner Guide meditation

Connect with yourself, balance and cleanse your energy, and raise your vibration with my Breathe & Receive meditation album
“Your meditations are something else.” – Alice Nicholls |
“A M A Z I N G!” – Dani Hunt |