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Although I came to work with Cassie primarily for hormonal balance during a period of high stress, I have found our continuing sessions to be regularly insightful, creative, and inspiring. From my PhD to working as a freelance teacher and writer, I have found in Cassie a firm and unwavering figure of support and encouragement, whose knowledge and practical suggestions are completely invaluable—particularly during the times I’ve inevitably fallen victim to self-doubt and lack of confidence.

From helping me to figure out how I want to work, when I want to work, to giving me the confidence to go slow, rather than rush through my creativity, to surrender rather than struggle, our sessions have offered me clarity when I previously felt overwhelmed, and excitement instead of feeling stuck and tired.

Now that I’m living in the UK, I’m incredibly grateful for the ability to continue to work with Cassie over Skype, whom I’d now call a friend and mentor, and our sessions have become not just precious moments of self-reflection but an indelible part of my creative process.

- Alexandra Kingston-Reece

Before I started working with Cassie I didn’t release how many blocks I had created and continue to build – realistically I should’ve been a brick layer I’m so good at it.

Working with Cassie helps me clear these blocks and break down the walls. It helps me to open up and experience everything completely.

Working with Cassie in kinesiology – it’s magic! Cassie makes our time so comfortable that I’m able to release and open up. The guidance that Cassie creates in these sessions is priceless.

After our sessions I feel awakened and aligned again, clear and free. I’m ready to take on challenges or if needed to I’m simply ready to surrender to what I no longer need.

Cassie’s warm, caring and loving nature in itself lights me up. She isn’t just my kinesiologist, but also a mentor in my business and life.

- Caroline LeMessurier
Life Coach

I started working with Cass in the early days of developing my business and there’s been more than one occasion where our Skype session has been the turning point of my week.

In times where I’ve felt overwhelmed by the number of steps I still needed to take, she’s helped me refocus my energies so I was able to move forward and invest my time in the things that truly mattered.

She taught me that, while I as a person am separate to my business, the biz can only ever live up to its true potential when I live up to mine – and the best way for me to start doing that was to regularly revel in some self care.

But perhaps the most valuable lesson Cass has taught me so far is that, as a small business owner, I can craft my weeks to look ‘n’ feel however I want them to. Half day Fridays, creative projects in the AMs, batch all meetings to Tuesdays and Thursdays – it was open to play with. In my previous career as a lawyer a lot of what I did was reactionary so to be reminded that I could explore and experiment with what felt right for me was so liberating.

Cass thank you so much for your support and generosity. I look forward to growing and learning more with you!

- Samantha Fake
Wedding Planner & Stylist & Founder of White Rapture  

I reached out to Cass for an appointment because I was going through a period where I wasn’t feeling like myself and I didn’t know what was going on or how to fix it.

To say this woman has changed my life is an understatement.

Cass has helped me in a multitude of different ways to get me back in touch with my body. She is so incredibly talented at what she does, and every new session leaves me inspired, uplifted, and most importantly, in touch with who I am. I could not recommend a session with Cassie more. If you’re feeling stuck, flat, off-balance or just not quite right – you won’t regret reaching out to this beautiful gem.

- Ally McManus
Journalist & Founder of Lime with Roses

Words cannot fully capture how much Cass’ kinesiology and naturopathy Skype sessions have helped me.

When my business boomed and my self care practice didn’t boom with it, I came down with a nasty bug that didn’t want to loosen its grips on me. After one session with Cass, I felt energised and rejuvenated, as well as re-inspired to boost my self care practice. Cass’ herbal prescription also helped significantly improve my energy and hormonal cycle during the weeks after our session.

Shortly after, when I received a blow in my business that left me feeling overwhelmed, vulnerable and distrusting of others, just one session with Cass helped me feel supported, ready to open and trust again, and fully returned to my mission, life passion and purpose.

I am a HUGE fan of Cass and her gifts – and will I’m sure book in for many more sessions in the future when I need her magical ‘touch’ to feel more aligned in my business and/or wellness. Thank you so much Cass – I’ll be recommending your services to anyone who’ll listen!

- Naomi Arnold
Business & Life Passion Coach

I love my Skype kinesiology sessions with Cassie. Whenever I am feeling I need a little (or not so little!) tune-up in my business or my life, she’s my go-to gal. I love how Cass brings a sweet mix of practical and grounded business tools, but she also helps me re-connect with my own inner voice and power when I’m feeling scattery or doubting myself when reaching for the next level or goal in my business. I instantly feel a weight lift off my shoulders after our sessions and can then get straight back in my creative flow

Skype sessions with Cass are totally my business’ secret weapon!


- Tracey Spencer
Life Coach, Writer & Speaker

Working with a kinesiologist over Skype – I’ll admit it, I was a bit skeptical at first. However after our first session I knew that Cassie had a true gift and I could definitely feel changes taking place straight away. Our sessions are always full of huge lightbulb moments for me, and it’s so nice to have some time between sessions to really process and integrate the changes kinesiology brings for me, in both a professional and a personal sense.

I’ve gained a lot of clarity on my goals and my career direction so far with Cassie, and I’m excited to continue the journey with her Business Alignment Program.

I’m also really enjoying the weekly coaching emails, and her meditations are a really great starting point as I’ve not meditated much before. Thank you Cassie for creating this program. and thanks for all your help so far in our Skype sessions!

- Dannielle Archer

With Cassie’s guidance I am having a year that just keeps getting better and better, as I take action towards my exciting goals.

If you are starting a new enterprise it is the ideal time to connect with Cassie as it is a time of growth, change and motivation. Getting any new idea off the ground takes effort, enthusiasm, self-confidence and energy. There is no need to feel you have to do this alone.

Cassie has a plethora of knowledge in business, marketing, social media and powerful goal setting, as well as being highly skilled in kinesiology. What I love the most is the example Cassie sets in her own incredible achievements. With Cassie’s guidance, your ideas can become a reality too.

- Narelle Hunter
Dru Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Founder of Blissfully Present

Before working with Cassie, I felt like I was chasing many different avenues for setting up my business, none of which were getting me very far. I had very little clarity about what steps I needed to prioritise, and what steps I needed to move away from. I loved working with Cassie because each session, she’d give me actionable ‘homework’ to complete before the next session – ensuring that I actually made progress in my business from fortnight to fortnight.

If you’re thinking about working with Cassie in her Business Alignment Program, I’d definitely say, ‘yes – do it!’. Investing in yourself and your business is essential for forward movement, and Cassie will help you gain so much clarity.

Overall, I feel a sense of confidence around moving forward with my business that I definitely would not have gained without my sessions with Cassie. She’s a lovely gem, and someone you definitely want to associate with if you’re looking to build a similar business in the wellness industry.

- Beth Bridges

Working with Cassie has been one of the best investments I have made in my business.

I cannot recommend Cassie highly enough. To be honest she has played a very valuable part in helping me create the business that I have today. Before I started having 1:1 Skype business alignment and mentoring sessions with Cassie, I was feeling lost and overwhelmed with how to go about achieving the business (and life!) that I wanted. I also had moments of huge self-doubt that would sabotage any progress that I made and I was getting very tired due to not having clear boundaries in place to balance my work and my ‘down’ time.

After my first meeting with Cassie I felt so inspired and motivated and best of all – supported! It became clear what I needed to have in place to achieve my goals and I came away feeling back on track and positive about where I was heading and what to do next.

There’s a huge amount of information in this guide that’s so beneficial to anyone setting up a business that it really is a ‘must have’. The Guide contains a huge amount of practical, down-to-earth advice that I found to be immensely valuable and helpful. It felt as though Cassie had anticipated all the questions and doubts that I had towards achieving my business goals as every page contained advice and information that I could directly relate to and use in my business.

Her guidance, support, knowledge and inspiring personality have been invaluable to me and I have appreciated having the support and wisdom from someone who has also started at the beginning and successfully worked her way to the top. Without a doubt, I can totally recommend working with her!

- Melanie Harrison
Massage Therapist & Founder of Quiescent