If you’re always looking for answers outside of yourself,
you’ll be be searching for a very long time
That used to be me.

I used to think I had to work so hard to 'achieve' a sense of self-worth.

I thought if I wasn't doing more, how could I be more? 

I thought nothing I did was good enough (sometimes I thought that even if I did my best, it still wouldn't be enough!).

I was stuck in a cycle of comparison, low self-worth, and victim-y thoughts, like: It's so much easier for so-and-so... I work so hard but I'll never get there anyway. I don't belong there... and on and on the negative self-talk went, until I was blue in the face (and feeling empty all over).
I didn't know how to call my power back to me; how to deeply know my own worth; how to fully trust my own path.

Until I realised that if I kept going this way, I'd never actually get to where I wanted to be (or somewhere better).

So I decided to rise out of my comparison fog, out of my mistrust, out of my victim thoughts, out of my negative self-talk... and reach my potential by stepping into my power. 

Power. Potential. Self-worth. Trust. Confidence. Abundance. Alignment.

That's what I wanted to feel, to know, to be, to hold... and so that's what I created for myself.

And now I'd love to help you create that (and more) for yourself too.

If you want out of the cycle of self-sabotage and self-doubt, if you want to stop feeling so stuck, if you want to become the person you know you could be… then you need to start with the foundational steps to creating emotional harmony by:

... starting to trust yourself again

... doing the inner work, and

... committing to your own power. 

If you're tired of always looking outside yourself, of always comparing yourself to others, of worrying about the future, and of feeling stuck in your own negative thoughts, now's the time to create more ease and flow in your life.

Now's the time to align to emotional harmony.

Know your worth.

Trust your path.

Find your guiding
light within.

I created my Emotional Harmony Course to help you do just that.

(Because if we're constantly fighting with who we are, and with where we are, how will we ever allow ourselves to know our worth, and trust our path?)

This is a deeply healing and empowering course, to help you to stand in your power, let go of the need for external validation, and find your guiding light within.

This course is a deepening of both of my books (so if you’ve enjoyed my books, I really believe you’ll love this course!). 


This course is for you if:

... you’re feeling a little bit emotionally stuck, unsure about your direction and path in life, and finding it hard to trust yourself, your intuition and your guidance.

... you compare yourself to other people way too much (quite frankly, it's becoming exhausting).

... you wish you could feel safe, secure and grounded on your current path, but like, how...?

... you constantly feel like you're not 'there yet'. You really want to start trusting that you're exactly where you're supposed to be (no rushing, no pressure, no moving the goal posts waiting for 'one day' when everything is 'perfect').

... you want to increase your self-worth, self-confidence and self-trust, feeling more connected to yourself, and closer to what you're creating in your life.

... you’re constantly hard on yourself, pushing yourself to your limits, and never giving yourself a break (probably because you’re a huge perfectionist, always worrying about what you ‘could’ or ‘should’ be doing).

... you know that if you could just stop worrying so much, and overthinking everything... that you'd be able to finally get out of your own way.

... you have a niggling sense that instead of showing up as the very best version of yourself, you spend most of your time feeling trapped in old patterns that are holding you back. (Oh, and then you give yourself a hard time about being stuck in old patterns... instead of realising that the best way to let go, is to forgive yourself first...)

... you feel unable to create change in your life, so you turn everywhere you can think of for answers, because you don't know how to trust yourself.

The Emotional Harmony Course will support you in feeling lighter, clearer, more connected to yourself, and more aligned and inspired to take action in your life.

This course is for you if you want to start deeply trusting your innate worth, honouring and owning your innate power, and trusting yourself, your intuition and your guidance.

It's for you if you know that you want to start giving yourself full permission to connect with yourself again; the one who can release worry (because you trust); the one who can step up and be seen (because you trust); the one who can stand up and take action from that space (because... yes, you trust).

It's for you if you want to feel clear, confident and aligned (with your life, your goals, your message, your purpose). 

It's for you if you want to step out of comparison and into your power; if you want to find your flow; if you want to actually enjoy feeling supported (by yourself, and something greater than you).

Do you have to be perfect to join the course?



Perfection is not our aim; it's our mirror.

I​​​​​​​t shows us what we must let go of, accept, release, allow ourselves to receive... and what we must move through, to know ourselves more deeply. 

Instead of reaching for 'perfect', you'll be doing the inner work that allows you to be compassionate and forgiving to yourself; the work that sees you start knowing (and owning!) your worth, trusting yourself and your path, and finding your guiding light within.

It's time to anchor into your power, and live in harmony with yourself
What's included?
I've got you covered. All you have to bring is the tea (or wine!). Deal?

The Course Workbook
A beautifully designed course workbook, sitting pretty at 126 pages, that contains 21 lessons + accompanying exercises to help you call your energy, power and confidence back to you.
Audio Lessons
Prefer to listen to the lessons? Easy; I've recorded audio files of each of the lessons, so you can listen while you walk/rest/make dinner/swim the English Channel.
Workshops & Kinesiology Balances
Three video trainings that not only expand on the lessons contained within the workbook, but include added kinesiology balances to help you clear and align your energy.
Deep Alignment & Clearing Workshops

Workshop #1: Anchor into Your Power

Workshop #2:  Know Your Worth

Workshop #3:  Trust Your Path

These calls include group coaching, energetic clearing work and kinesiology balances, to help you clear and align your energy.
Self-Trust Master Class
A 60min master class to help you start trusting yourself, your intuition and your guidance.
Calling in What's Next Workshop
An activation workshop to help you believe in what you're calling in, clear away old stories and beliefs, ground into this new energy and vibration, and receive what you're calling in next (or something better).
Beautiful bonuses
I really don't want to ruin the surprise, so you'll have to wait and see... (but I'm pretty sure you'll love them!). 
A private community
You'll be invited to our private Facebook group; a supportive, positive and up-lifting space for us to chat and connect. 
Here's how we'll flow
Week 1
To start things off, you'll reconnect with what it means to call your energy and power back to you. 

You'll dive into 7 main lessons, based around allowing yourself to stop searching for and seeking external validation, releasing guilt to allow for healing, allowing yourself to do things differently, backing yourself, and taking your own advice, knowing that you can validate your choices and approve of yourself.

You'll also anchor into your power during a healing and activating workshop.
Week 2
Week 2 is centred around your self-worth and trusting that you're capable, powerful and worthy.

You'll work your way through another 7 healing lessons to support you in calling your energy and power back to you, nourishing yourself (instead of comparing yourself!), letting you go with the flow, invite patience in, balance yourself, and accept yourself on all levels.

You'll start to really let yourself know your worth, through a healing and activating workshop.
Week 3
This week you'll start to bring everything you've learnt together, supporting your energy up-leveling as you really anchor into your own sense of emotional harmony.

The 7 lessons for this week are based on releasing comparison and believing in yourself even more deeply, trusting yourself and the universe, allowing yourself to be guided by your intuition and inner wisdom, letting yourself fall down when you need to, trusting the magic in the spaces in between, and more.

You'll start to really let yourself trust your path through a healing and activating workshop.
Week 4
This week, you'll dive into the bonus Calling in What's Next Workshop to help you believe in what you're calling in, clear away old stories and beliefs, ground into this new energy and vibration, and receive what you're calling in next (or something better).
You'll also deepen your trust in yourself, your guidance and your intuition through the Self-Trust Master Class.
Week 4 of the course is also a great time to implement and integrate any shifts, changes and realisations you've made throughout the course. Even though this is the final week of the course, this is life-long work, for all the best reasons, so you can come back to the course and content at any time.
Connection & Community
Join me in our private Facebook group whenever you'd like, to connect and chat. 

Ready to know your worth?
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Once-off payment

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Option 2: 

$179 x 2

2 monthly payments

Pricing is in AUD & incl. GST for Aussies


I had already read Cassie’s book You Are Enough and I raved about it to every female that would listen. Then one day in all my emptiness, self-sabotage and heart break over another failure I was berating myself over, I asked the universe for guidance and help to resolve repeating patterns, and to help with self-love in dating and business, and suddenly Cassie’s work appeared. The Emotional Harmony course was absolutely, without a doubt, made for me at that time; it was my prayer being answered. 

My experience going through this course was amazing. 

Cassie’s energy is gentle and nurturing, and her understanding of where I’m at and the course was so comforting, it was like the hug I needed to give myself that I was trying to find outside of myself. I loved the added 1:1 session that we had and felt like it just covered all of the blocks I needed to break through. The group calls were great and I felt like I was truly in the right place the whole time. 

After doing this course, I’m much kinder to myself now. When I have business clients, I am not so doubled over with perfectionist anxiety; I can easily just go with the flow and do my best, know that it is enough and not berate and overthink everything I said or did to try to make it better. I’ve learned to trust my path more and to stop forcing and resisting everything, and to have patience and know that it’s all good (ha!).

I’ve really taken the pressure off in relation to trusting myself, my path, and the universe. I feel like doors have opened to my self-healing that I knew needed attention, but that I couldn’t quite reach, and that all of my patterns were really trying to lead me to working through this. It all came down to self-love that I wasn’t prepared to give myself, due to lack of acceptance and I honestly didn’t know where to even start.

The Emotional Harmony Course covered it all. 

If you’re thinking about doing this course, I’d say definitely do it. If you can be overly hard on yourself and need some gentle reassurance that you are actually okay, that you are fine on your own path and timeline, that you don’t need to stress and struggle and you can peacefully settle into your flow, then this course is for you. 

– Hayley French
Frenchy Holistic: Pilates, Life and Food Coaching

Ready to trust your path?
Option 1: 


Once-off payment

​​​​​​​Pricing is in AUD & incl. GST for Aussies

Option 2: 

$179 x 2

2 monthly payments 

Pricing is in AUD & incl. GST for Aussies


It's time you trusted your enoughness

Allow yourself to focus on your enoughness through your energy, your intentions, and your thoughts. ⠀

Give yourself permission to shift your energy, to focus your heart forward, eyes bright, mind clear; your highest self confirming all of this in the moments you sit in stillness. ⠀

Let yourself zone in on what matters, and allow yourself to let go of the thoughts of lack by remembering that you are enough.⠀

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, whether it’s in business or life, whether it’s walking your dog, baking cookies, working on a new project, seeing your first (or 50th!) client, tidying your home, applying for a new job, texting your friend, planning a holiday, washing the dishes or building your empire; when you focus on your enoughness, you put your best self forwards, and that’s what we all need right now.⠀

Because you are enough, and the world needs you to believe it.⠀

I first purchased this course a couple of years ago when I was in a bit of a rut, and feeling really disconnected. At the time I started the course but didn't complete it, but it was always in the back of my mind, and I felt I would come back to it when I was ready. Then the opportunity came up to go through the course again, and the timing was perfect!

I felt ready to reconnect, so I started the course again and all I can say is "WOW".

The material resonates so well, and now I have the opportunity to really explore the guiding questions. I'm finding it's like peeling an onion; there are so many layers, and some make me cry! But those tears are part of the work, and I feel like the blocks starting to move, allowing me to delve deeper and really reconnect with myself. My journey has begun, and I am looking forward to seeing it unfold… 

 Jacqui Newman

​​​​​​​The Emotional Harmony Course is full of encouragement, empowerment and kindness.

It’s a great resource to turn to in a moment of need, reminding you to embrace your own path and help shift you back into trust and courage. It offers reflection and guidance to take you a little deeper and reveal your own power and insights. 

Whenever I turn to it, the beautiful pages and images have a comforting energy. 

I highly recommend this course - it’s like a friend who understands what I’m feeling at that moment with the relevant lesson, and who can offer something genuinely supportive, helpful and centering.

– Maggie Ellis

Ready to call your power back?
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Once-off payment

​​​​​​​Pricing is in AUD & incl. GST for Aussies

Option 2: 

$179 x 2

2 monthly payments

Pricing is in AUD & incl. GST for Aussies


​​​​​​​I LOVED the Emotional Harmony Course.

So much resonated with me, I have already started going through it a second time.

The chapter on balance and flexibility had a major impact on me; all of a sudden so much guilt disappeared! Thank you so much Cassie.

– Sharon Thorpe


What happens when I sign up?

Once purchased, you’ll receive an email with your login details to access the course materials in the beautiful membership portal.

You’ll have ongoing access (for the life of the course, and I plan to keep it open for a long time!), and you can go through the materials in your own time, and at your own pace. 

Each week for four weeks, you'll receive an email which guides you through the content to focus on for that week.

How is the course taught?

The course is taught through a beautiful PDF workbook, audio lessons, video workshops that expand on the lessons in the workbook (and offer up group kinesiology balances), a master class workshop, plus three live coaching workshops (scheduled for this next live round).

Also: bonuses!

Also: it's all housed in a beautiful, private membership portal (complete with a space for us to chat and connect).


What if I don't live in Australia? Can I still join the course?

Of course! The workshops are all pre-recorded and housed in the beautiful membership portal.

If I run any live calls in the future, you'll either be able to join live, or watch the recording within 24hrs (or even sooner if I run the call in our Facebook group). 


What if I can't get through the content in the four weeks?

Then you won't get any dessert.

Kidding! No worries; there are no deadlines, and no pressure from me. You do what you can do, when you can do it. Simple.

You also retain ongoing access for the life of the course, so you can pop in and out whenever you need.


Do I need to have read your books to benefit from the course?

No matter whether or not you've read my books, I believe you'll get so much out of this course. 

Of course, if you'd like to read my books, You Are Enough and It's All Good, and have them handy as you work through this course (as especially as we dive into the live workshops), you might find that really helpful.

If you have read them, you'll recognise where we're deepening teachings and lessons from my books, within the course.

Is there anything else I need to know?

My middle name is Dionne. 

But really, I believe you're so worthy of knowing your own worth; trusting yourself; believing in yourself; honouring yourself; and of nurturing and nourishing your body, mind and spirit. 

If you choose to join me for this course, not only will you have my support... but you'll have your own support. How beautiful is that? 


Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this offering, I don't offer refunds for change of mind.

Nothing in this policy though, affects the rights you may have as a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law.

This course will help you feel more confident in who you are, and more aligned to your true self

​​​​​​​Thank you so much for creating this course. 

Every word I read and listen to feels like it was written just for me, and it’s a comfort knowing that I’m not alone in what I’m feeling (because sometimes it certainly feels that way).

You’re definitely a gift to all of us. Thank you, Cassie.

– Maxine Roff

Ready to believe you are enough?
Option 1: 


Once-off payment

​​​​​​​Pricing is in AUD & incl. GST for Aussies

Option 2: 

$179 x 2

2 monthly payments

Pricing is in AUD & incl. GST for Aussies

Hey, I'm Cassie Mendoza-Jones, and I'll be guiding you through this course

I'm the bestselling author of You Are Enough and It's All Good (Hay House), a kinesiologist, business alignment coach, naturopath, writer & speaker.

My work is for you if you’re ready to come into true alignment with what you’re wishing to create and receive in your business and life.

It’s time to clear away your blocks, align your energy, and call your energy back to you. It’s time to stand in your absolute power, and commit to yourself and your dreams, following your own light… your own way.

Because when we are truly in our power, we are aligned, unstoppable, magnetic and expansive.

Would that feel like a miracle to you right now?