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Full Alignment We have a skylight in our living room that I love… and hate I love it when I’m lying on the couch and it’s raining outside, and I can hear the rainfall on the glass.… READ MORE
Give it a go Have you ever wondered if you’re ‘ready’ yet? Have you ever thought to yourself: I’ll just wait until I’m more confident, educated or knowledgeable? When I know more, when I’ve done more, when I’m more… READ MORE
Your future self is grateful Whenever I can feel the next version and vision of my work start to flow though, the excitement can take over and my thoughts start to race I try to consciously bring it all together… READ MORE
It’s here! My new book, Aligned & Unstoppable It’s here! Aligned & Unstoppable. In my new book, you’ll discover how to nurture, expand and maintain a creative life and path that’s deeply aligned to who you are, staying anchored and grounded in your… READ MORE
I love this idea so much (plus You Are Enough as an audiobook) A funny thing happens when we start to believe that we’re already worthy… Signs of worth, abundance and joy flow into our life every single day. They may have always been there, but now we… READ MORE
If you trusted your enoughness… If you trusted your enoughness, everything would change If you trusted you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, everything would change. If you knew how much you were loved, everything would change. If you knew… READ MORE
Control vs. Power I’ve been thinking about the difference between control and power: Control says: I want things to turn out exactly like this… I’ll decide how things should go. Power says: I’ll show up as best I… READ MORE
Let go… but don’t give up When things feel choppy in life… Or when you feel like you’re only just keeping your head above water, don’t lose hope/trust/faith that you’ll get through this It can be all too easy to think… READ MORE
You’ve done this before You’ve done this before At times, I’ve found myself bracing for the worst: What if it doesn’t work out, then what’ll I do?  When I’m on a roll and having a great week, I need… READ MORE
What are you scared to tell people? Each time I’ve written a book, I’ve had to solidly stand my ground in the truth of the words I’ve written When I wrote You Are Enough, I had to relive times I felt unworthy,… READ MORE