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If you trusted your enoughness… If you trusted your enoughness, everything would change If you trusted you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, everything would change. If you knew how much you were loved, everything would change. If you knew… READ MORE
Control vs. Power I’ve been thinking about the difference between control and power: Control says: I want things to turn out exactly like this… I’ll decide how things should go. Power says: I’ll show up as best I… READ MORE
Let go… but don’t give up When things feel choppy in life… Or when you feel like you’re only just keeping your head above water, don’t lose hope/trust/faith that you’ll get through this It can be all too easy to think… READ MORE
You’ve done this before You’ve done this before At times, I’ve found myself bracing for the worst: What if it doesn’t work out, then what’ll I do?  When I’m on a roll and having a great week, I need… READ MORE
What are you scared to tell people? Each time I’ve written a book, I’ve had to solidly stand my ground in the truth of the words I’ve written When I wrote You Are Enough, I had to relive times I felt unworthy,… READ MORE
Join me on my book tour I’m beyond excited to announce my tour dates and cities for my Australia-wide tour for my new book, It’s All Good I’ll be holding book launch workshops in: Sydney, Tues 17 Oct at Heart Space… READ MORE
Stay in your light You know those times things don’t seem to be going so well? Your thoughts are a little on the negative side. You’re worrying a little more than usual (about things that you know you can’t… READ MORE
Hold steady Everything has ebbs and flows It’s natural for there to be expansion and then contraction, expansion and then contraction. If you’re in a space of expansion, hold steady in that space. If you’re in a… READ MORE
My new book is here! Plus, watch the book trailer As I sit down to write this to you, every part of my body is buzzing, because this is the moment I’ve been dreaming about for months It’s the moment I can tell you my… READ MORE
No, thank you Last week I very quietly deleted all the recipes off my blog   I did this because I realised that—apart from a couple of soup recipes posted last year when I was sick—I hadn’t posted… READ MORE