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My body thought I was pregnant… but I wasn’t Until very recently, my body thought I was pregnant, but I wasn’t I was at the 10.5 week mark. I was booked in for my first scan in just a few days, when I started… READ MORE
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Go easy on yourself and watch your business flourish In sessions with my lovely clients this week, I’m finding there’s a theme, as is so often the case This week it’s all about understanding (and then embodying) the idea that the more ease we… READ MORE
Rushing through 2016? It’s that time of year where one can sometimes feel pulled in a hundred and one directions   It’s definitely not as cute as a hundred and one dalmations would be, and ultimately, it can… READ MORE
An exciting announcement (or three) Over the last few weeks, you may have seen me hinting that something exciting is coming   Well, the “something exciting” is actually three things, and I’m so excited to finally be revealing them to… READ MORE
Are you having fun in your business? I’ve just gotten back from the first leg of my book tour, and I’m still buzzing from how amazing it’s been so far   What’s so funny is that on hearing I am doing a… READ MORE
Connecting with me has never been easier What’s most important to me in my business is connecting with and looking after my clients   It’s really important that my business, and my practice, supports my clients, and so it’s always my intention… READ MORE
Start trusting yourself, your intuition and your guidance at my free webinar Do you feel as though you trust yourself enough when it comes to making decisions about your wellness, life or business?   I think of ‘self-trust’ as: ♡ Backing yourself ♡ Feeling confident enough to… READ MORE
My Book Launch Party – A Photo Journal It’s with much excitement that I hit ‘publish’ on this post; a wrap-up of my book launch party for You Are Enough    What a day! I was smiling so much that my cheeks literally… READ MORE