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Let the work become the work I have a theory when it comes to writing Especially in relation to doing the inner (healing) work that lights you up, in order to light the way for others. My theory: The work is… READ MORE
Do this today One of my favourite lines from my new book, Aligned & Unstoppable is: You can be in alignment when your life isn’t perfect. You know why? Because perfection isn’t possible anyway, no matter how aligned… READ MORE
10 facts about my new book My new book Aligned & Unstoppable is officially out in the world! To celebrate this momentous step of the journey, I thought I’d give you an inside peek into 10 facts that you (probably) don’t… READ MORE
Why not? I did it! I edited my new book, Aligned & Unstoppable, with my baby on my hip, and I’ve sent it in to my publisher. ⠀ As you’ll discover if you read it, this book… READ MORE
It’s here! My new book, Aligned & Unstoppable It’s here! Aligned & Unstoppable. In my new book, you’ll discover how to nurture, expand and maintain a creative life and path that’s deeply aligned to who you are, staying anchored and grounded in your… READ MORE
Are you listening?   On Saturday morning, I worked with some amazing women… (…there’s space for you too) doing beautiful work in the world, and the message of working from your heart—not your head—came up.  It makes sense,… READ MORE
Alignment vs. Perfection   Do you put pressure on yourself for things to be perfect… all of the time?  … most of the time? … some of the time?  Do you think things have to be ‘perfect’ for… READ MORE
You get in the bowl There’s an ad on TV that I laugh at, every. single. time. It’s for M&Ms: a woman is lying on a couch, and asks her partner if he’ll get her a snack. He goes to… READ MORE
Just start I recently spoke at the Hay House Writer’s Workshop It was the most wonderful day! (Here’s a snap!) I loved every moment of speaking on stage, meeting so many lovely people afterwards, and signing so… READ MORE
There’s one common thread Think of the women you know, who are running their own businesses… They’re doing the work that lights them up, crafting their own path, and creating something from the ground up. I bet you’ll see… READ MORE