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An update and a surprise This will be my last post to you for 2018, and it starts with this pic: an oldie but a goodie   This was snapped by one of my lovely clients at the end of… READ MORE
You get in the bowl There’s an ad on TV that I laugh at, every. single. time. It’s for M&Ms: a woman is lying on a couch, and asks her partner if he’ll get her a snack. He goes to… READ MORE
Just start I recently spoke at the Hay House Writer’s Workshop It was the most wonderful day! (Here’s a snap!) I loved every moment of speaking on stage, meeting so many lovely people afterwards, and signing so… READ MORE
From here, everything is possible Recently, I’ve done a lot of things that’ve pushed me outside of my comfort zone Things that felt ‘big’; things that brought up a lot of old stuff to clear and forgive, to heal and… READ MORE
It’ll meet you halfway I find I feel most clear, aligned and ready to receive what I’m working towards after I’ve done the inner work After the clearing of limiting beliefs, after releasing comparison and self-sabotage, and when I’ve… READ MORE
You must do the work you love For the last little while, this has been a post I knew I needed to write It’s about the fear of judgement; the fear of showing up; the fear of doing what lights you up,… READ MORE
It’s all happening On Saturday morning, I woke up, and after yoga and coffee, I created a little poll on social media The thing is, since my plans have changed this year, this has now opened up some… READ MORE
Eyes bright, chin up, heart… ready Now when I set goals, I end the sentence with ‘…or something better’ Now when I look ahead to my bigger vision, I trust that just because I can’t see all the pieces, it doesn’t… READ MORE
Your business is enough There’s a saying… a rising tide lifts all the boats And this couldn’t be truer than in the online world. I launched my business as a nutritionist and naturopath in 2011, however it was only… READ MORE
12 years of entrepreneurship Before I did what I do now, I was a hair and makeup artist in the fashion and beauty industry Here’s some makeup I did back in 2008/2009:     Since 2005, I’ve pretty much… READ MORE