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Business Alignment Program


I was 24yrs old when I started my business

(I joke that I didn’t really realise I was starting a business!)

I was fresh out of nutrition college.

In fact, I’d been offered a job as the sole nutritionist in a multidisciplinary clinic a month before I’d even graduated.

I’d been emailing clinics looking for admin work; while I’d finished my nutrition studies, I was still studying some naturopathy subjects, and I thought if I worked as a receptionist while I built up my client-base on the side, that might be a nice way to ease into my new business.

But the universe had other plans, and I received a reply that said ‘We’re not looking for receptionists… but would you like to be our nutritionist?’

Um, that could work.

I had a month between graduating, and my first day in my new clinic.

I got to work on that first day, 24 May 2011, and I had no clients booked in.

Not one.

But I showed up anyway, because I was too excited not to, and I believed that if I showed up and spent time in the clinic, even if I had no clients booked in, I’d be showing the universe I was serious about this. I’d also use the time to take action to draw clients towards me.

As I was getting ready to leave for the day, my clinic director popped her head into my room and said ‘Check your calendar.’

A new client had booked in for that evening! My hubby had told someone in his office that I was working as a nutritionist.

She’d picked up the phone, and made an appointment straightaway.

And just like that *snaps fingers* my business began.


Since that day, my business has evolved from nutrition and naturopathy, to kinesiology and business alignment coaching; shifting from a wellness-focus, to focusing on energy, emotions and entrepreneurship

Now, the work I do blends personal development with business alignment coaching.

Now, the work I do is focused on life and business alignment (with sweet side servings of writing and creativity on the side!).

Now, the work I do is what lights me up, more than it ever has.

The nutrition and naturopathy was simply how my business began.

The rest of the story is how it evolved.


Now, I work with entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, creatives and small business owners, helping them to create thriving businesses and lives

When I work with my clients in business alignment coaching and kinesiology sessions, they no longer have to wonder what they’d do if they had more clarity and confidence in their businesses.

That’s what our sessions together bring out; my clients deepen their confidence; create (and make space for) their clarity; align to their dreams and goals (or something better); and embody what they’re working towards, to take their businesses to the next level.

My clients get to stop wondering what they’d do if they were free from any blocks or limiting beliefs that may be holding them back from growing their beautiful businesses.

They get to stop imagining how they would feel if they were clear on their goals and knew how to work towards them without hustling straight to burn out; because they are clear on their goals! And they’re working towards them (yep, without hustling straight to burn out).

They see what changes come about in their lives and businesses when they allow themselves to truly open up to abundance, flow, momentum and expansion, and let go of fears, worries, comparison and perfectionism.

All of this, and so much more, is what my Business Alignment Program will help you create in your own life and business, by combining kinesiology, business alignment coaching, energetic clearing, strategy and implementation (with a side-serving of naturopathic support), in a combination of 1:1 sessions, group coaching, mastermind support and online resources.

Building a thriving business that aligns to who you are, one that blends soulful strategy with soulful inner work, that serves and supports you and your customers and clients, and that also allows you to enjoy the rest of your life (without burning out in the process) is what I help entrepreneurs, healers, coaches and creatives do.

If you’re tired of reserving your spot on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster, I’d love to help you get off it.

If you’re ready to start valuing yourself, your work and your voice even more; if you’re ready to stop comparing yourself to everyone else in business; if you’re ready to do the work you already love doing (but with even more clarity and purpose); and if you’re ready to combine energetic work with goal-setting, and soulful business coaching with strategy, to make the most of your energy, intentions and drive, then I’d love to work with you in my Business Alignment Program.


I jumped at the opportunity to work with Cassie in her Business Alignment Program because I’ve felt isolated building my business on my own and, from following Cassie’s work for years, I knew that her wisdom, presence, and energy would support me in taking confident, aligned action towards my dream.

Working through this program has deepened my trust in myself, my connection with the work that lights me up, and helped me launch a business that I absolutely love, that brings me joy and allows me to serve my clients to the best of my ability. If you have a deep yearning to walk your own path in business and build something that feels 100% true to you, definitely check out this program!



I came to Cassie and enrolled in the Business Alignment Program at a time when I knew I needed the extra support in energetically aligning myself to my new goals and growth in my business. I knew there was more that I was looking to create and express through my business, and I loved the way Cassie shows up in her business so authentically and beautifully.

The entire experience was incredible! I felt immensely supported throughout our time together, and I received so much more than I had initially expected (or intended)! We uncovered and cleared some deep limiting beliefs and blocks that I didn’t know were there (but were affecting the way I was able to show up), and integrated some really beautiful new beliefs and goals for me and my business.
Cassie didn’t hold anything back and was 100% there to help me with my goals. I loved the kinesiology/energetic alignments each week, and the practical advice on action steps to take.

Now, my business looks and feels so much more easeful, authentic, and uniquely me. If you’re thinking about it, and you desire support in feeling clearer, more aligned, and in love with every aspect of business, Cassie is the real deal. I’m so grateful for her support in my business at a time where there was much change and transition, and I’m so glad I made the investment because it has led me to a whole new way of running my business (and that itself has been such a gift)!

JIA NI TEO, Success Coach to Creative Entrepreneurs & Coaches


I have been following Cassie for a number of years and adore her two books. When the opportunity came up to complete the Business Alignment Program, I knew that the timing was right to not only work with Cassie, but to also up level my own business and to step into my own power.

Kinesiology is a powerful modality and one which I have incorporated into my own self-care over the past 12 months. It made sense to me that it could also have a powerful impact on my energy within my business.

The nature of the program means you feel under no pressure to get x, y and z done, rather it enables you to work with your own energy and achieve all that you hope and more! I have far exceeded all goals for the first quarter. Among other successes, I have set up the foundations to take my business forward as it grows, delivered a new website, ran a successful self-care event and done these whist feeling in flow. The 1:1 sessions with Cassie have been imperative to my success as they enabled me to not only consolidate thoughts and desires for my business, but they also provided the accountability to make sure I took the relevant action as a result.

Cassie tells us to trust that we’ll get there or somewhere better all in good time. I have no doubt that this program has enabled me to fast track my success in a way which feels energetically right for me.

MELINDA BENSTEAD, Health & Wellbeing Coach


Why work with me?

I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs through my 1:1 work, blending business alignment coaching with kinesiology (and some naturopathy on the side when needed!), and through my writing, books, and online programs, helping them to build their businesses through building their self-confidence, their creativity, honing their unique voice, clearing away blocks to (their own version of) success, and aligning their inner and outer worlds for greater expansion.

I’m the bestselling author of You Are Enough, It’s All Good and Aligned and Unstoppable (Hay House), the creator of the Love What You Create Workshop, and a kinesiologist, business alignment coach, naturopath, writer and speaker.

I work with women, and with entrepreneurs, healers, coaches and creatives who are driven, devoted and honouring their dreams, and who want to become more powerfully aligned to their bigger vision, clear away perfectionism, procrastination and overwhelm, and create their own version of a beautiful and aligned business and life.

With a soft spot for fellow perfectionists and a focus on energy, emotions and entrepreneurship, I use a combination of kinesiology, business alignment coaching and naturopathy to support women in getting clear on their next steps, working with their innate power, tuning into ease and flow, and increasing their clarity, confidence and energy, so they can create thriving lives and businesses.

My lessons and insights have been featured on live national television on the Today Extra show, and in national and international publications such as Homelife, Collective Hub, Cosmo, body + soul, Women’s Fitness and Australian Natural Health Magazine, and on popular websites such as Canva, ELLE, The Daily Guru, The Huffington Post,,, Sporteluxe, marie claire and

I’ve been interviewed on countless podcasts, and spoken at events and workshops around Australia for a variety of companies such as BUPA, Barre Body, New Balance, LinkedIn, Morgan Stanley and Eat Fit Food, for my publisher, Hay House, as well as for my own popular workshops, book tours, and events.

And now, I’ve combined my work—the 1:1 kinesiology and business alignment coaching sessions, the group coaching strategy and clearing work, my popular online resources, and more—to offer you this high level program, to help you create your most aligned, thriving business (and life!).


I believe that the level of joy, abundance and expansion you cultivate in your business will reflect:

1) How much you believe in yourself

Believing in, and valuing yourself, and by extension of that, valuing your personal and business development (your inner and outer work), is how you build a strong foundation that supports your growth.

Because, quite simply, if you don’t back yourself, who will?

2) How much you allow yourself to do the work that lights you up the most

You have to follow your own light, your own way.

But, you knew that already…

In this program, one of my biggest intentions is to help you deepen your trust in yourself, and your connection to the work that lights you up the most


We’ll blend strategy and emotions, energy and software, mindset and goal-setting.

We’ll combine feminine flow with masculine action.

We’ll do the work… and Netflix and chill.

We’ll create (and give)… and allow ourselves to receive.

We won’t push through fatigue, but we will move through resistance.

We’ll stand up and be seen.

We’ll do the work that lights us up the most.

And of course, we’ll mastermind and brainstorm; supporting each other all the way.

(Go team.)



Before I started working with Cassie I was feeling totally drained, exhausted and burnt out in my business and life. Working with Cassie was honestly the most incredible experience, and I am so grateful I decided to work with her because I’m feeling SO different now! I’m feeling cleansed, energised and completely rejuvenated. Everything in my life seems to be flowing with more ease as I’m feeling balanced and centred within myself. I’m now really excited about my business, as I’m feeling much more inspired and confident. I’m allowing myself to be seen without needing to feel validated by everyone else.

Working with Cassie was seriously one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She helped me see the light when I was experiencing a difficult time in my life, and for that I’m forever grateful!

HEIDI ROSE, Natural Lifestyle Coach & Therapist


I love my Skype kinesiology sessions with Cassie. Whenever I am feeling I need a little (or not so little!) tune-up in my business or my life, she’s my go-to gal. I love how Cass brings a sweet mix of practical and grounded business tools, but she also helps me re-connect with my own inner voice and power when I’m feeling scattery or doubting myself when reaching for the next level or goal in my business. I instantly feel a weight lift off my shoulders after our sessions and can then get straight back in my creative flow

Skype sessions with Cass are totally my business’ secret weapon!

TRACEY SPENCER, Life Coach & doTERRA Leader


I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the Business Alignment Program. Thank you, thank you; it has helped me in so many ways. Before starting, I was in a really bad mindset, and I knew I had to be active in doing something about it.

I just finished the program, and last week in my business I had the biggest week financially ever, in 3 years, and my goals I set to achieve actually came to life. Not only that, but an opportunity presented itself (one I am still pinching myself about!).

I can’t thank you enough.

HOLLY READETT, Cosmetic Tattooist

Why do you need to build your business alone?

Oh wait, you don’t.

I know how important it is to work with a coach, and to have biz buddies.

There are simply times we need someone outside of ourselves and businesses to help us see things for what they are.

There are times we need someone to guide us to make decisions (even if on some level, we already know what to do!).

There are times we need someone to help us see blocks we’ve been creating for ourselves; give ourselves a promotion (oh, and a raise!); let us see ourselves the way others do; and remind us that our work is enough… that we are enough.

When people say the entrepreneurial journey can be lonely, I agree, but I also don’t agree.

I think that’s because whenever I’ve felt alone, I’ve reached out for help, coaching, or counsel. (Okay fine, and sometimes chocolate. Just sometimes, you guys!)

So while I take full responsibility for my business (while also keeping my value and self-worth firmly within myself, and not in the vessel of my business), I also deeply value receiving help from others, to help me make my business the best it can be.

And so, I know it makes sense to surround yourself with people who can support you to build, grow and expand not just your business… but who you are as a person too.

For me, being an entrepreneur has been a deep dive into my own personal development. 

And to be honest, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

That’s why in this program, we’ll be blending soulful business strategy with energy alignment and inner work, because your best business needs a balanced approached to entrepreneurship.



In a nutshell, this program is a high-level combination of:

  • Optional private 1:1 sessions (your choice of 1hr/month or 2hrs/month, or simply the below resources)
  • The core business alignment modules (in the form of 6 group coaching video workshops)
  • 3 mastermind workshops, plus your new biz buddies and support team!
  • Online resources (workbooks and meditations)
  • And… some bonuses (that I’ll surprise you with!)



3 coaching tiers

This program has three tiers

Each tier offers a different level of 1:1 support, but the same level of group coaching, mastermind, and online resources support. If you opt for 1:1 sessions, we’ll have these private sessions over Zoom, for the duration of this 3 month program. 

Tier 1 – Rise Up

Price: $899 or 3 monthly payments of $329

No private sessions, but you receive the core video workshops, mastermind workshops, plus access to me and your mastermind buddies in our private Facebook group, and extra support through the digital resources available to you.


Tier 2 – Soar Higher

Price: $1,697 or 3 monthly payments of $597

1 x 60min private session a month for 3 months, plus the core video workshops, mastermind workshops, access to me and your mastermind buddies in our private Facebook group, and extra support through the digital resources available to you.


Tier 3 – Accelerate

Price: $2,397 or 3 monthly payments of $847

2 x 60min private sessions a month for three months, plus the core video workshops, mastermind workshops, access to me and your mastermind buddies in our private Facebook group, and extra support through the digital resources available to you.

No matter which tier you choose, all of the below support and resources are included…
Coaching and alignment workshops

These 6 calls make up the core modules in this program:

Coaching Call #1: Foundations & Flow

On this coaching call, we go through the foundations of your business, ensuring there’s a clean and strategic map for your clients (and prospective clients) to flow through, in order to work with you.

You’ll look at where things might be feeling out of whack or out of alignment in your biz, and create the space and strategy to help bring everything into alignment so you can create more ease in your business.


Coaching Call #2: Using Your Voice

On this coaching call, we focus on increasing your self-belief and self-confidence, to help you use your voice to build your business.

We look at how you can cultivate your authentic voice, to allow your work to resonate with your ideal clients.

We look at the body of work you’re wanting to build, and how you can start to do this within your business, every day.

We also cover stepping out as a leader, speaking up on social media, and elements of gaining PR and media coverage, to help build your reach.

This call will then lead into our third call, which is all about creating content to help support your bigger vision.


Coaching Call #3: Creating Content

On this call we focus on content creation, whether it’s a book you’re writing (or wanting to write), digital resources you’re creating (like eBooks, online programs, meditations), 1:1 offerings, in-person events/workshops, or something else.

We look at what to create for your business (always working in a way that serves and supports you), how to structure your programs, which software/platforms can support you, how to price your offerings, how to stay in your own lane with creating content, and how to build on the customer funnel/map that we’ll cover in the first coaching call.

We also look at how to plan out what you’re creating, how to move through resistance (I don’t believe in writer’s block!), how to manage your time across several projects, how to focus your energy and hone your craft, and more.


Coaching Call #4: Self-Worth & Selling

In a nutshell, on this call we talk all things self-worth and selling.

The thing is, if you want to create a thriving biz, you have to know your worth; you have to feel confident charging for your work, time, and expertise, and you have to enjoy telling people about your work (yes, it’s all possible!).

You have to stop comparing your business to everyone else’s.

You have to know your work is enough.

You have to know you are enough.

On this call, you’ll start to allow yourself to receive more (clients, money, love), ensuring you feel worthy to set your prices, receive money, and hold abundance. We also look at some of the practical steps you can take to increase your financial abundance, in terms of leveraging your time, and setting up smooth systems to receive money.


Coaching Call #5: Abundance & Alignment

Aligned business is my jam, so this coaching call is all about how to find, create and cultivate alignment and abundance in your business, and life…

… because when you are in alignment, you make space for abundance.

This is about aligning yourself to your ideal clients and opportunities, setting goals in alignment with your values and vision, and learning how to honour what alignment means to you.

We also build on the last call to ensure you feel really worthy of stepping up, being seen, and receiving.

Plus, we discuss how to stay in your flow so that things continue to move towards you, helping you to build your business based on your intuition.


Coaching Call #6: Mindset & Mood

For the final call, we look at how to cultivate a resilient mindset as you work towards your dreams and goals.

We spend the time going through how to more easily navigate the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship (and life!), leaving you feeling supported and ready to do your best work, from a space of alignment, self-belief and confidence.

We also energetically clear away negative beliefs and common misconceptions about being in business, so you can feel free to concentrate on building your biz, creativity, productivity, self-belief and more.

Plus, I take you through some ways you can energetically realign your body, mind and spirit, to help you really ground and anchor into what you’re calling into your business and life, allowing you to fully receive.

It’s true: A rising tide lifts all the boats

You also receive the following mastermind workshops, plus you’ll have ongoing access to me and your biz buddies in our private Facebook group, where we can mastermind, brainstorm and connect.

Mastermind #1: How to be Fully Booked & Fully Creative

If you’re a creative entrepreneur, you probably work ‘on’ your business, and ‘in’ your business. 

You create, and see clients. You write, and hold workshops. You strategise, and run webinars. So how do you balance being fully booked, with being fully creative?

In this mastermind workshop, we’ll dive deep into how you can manage your time and energy across the different areas of your business, allowing each area to thrive, so you can balance seeing clients with creating resources, without feeling exhausted in the process.

After this workshop, you’ll feel more confident in your ability to hold space in your business, and to manage yourself, your business, and your creations in a way that feels supportive and expansive (and also gives you time for life stuff!).


Mastermind #2: Creating Boundaries & Brain Holidays for an Abundant Biz

Hustling yourself to burn out while building your business is the old way of doing things. 

We know differently now, so let’s act differently now.

The new way of building and expanding your business is about taking aligned action, balanced with rest and receiving. It’s about creating healthy, firm boundaries that you honour with love. It’s about allowing yourself to not work, in order to recharge your energy just because… and not just to work harder.

After this workshop, you’ll feel more confident in allowing yourself to slow down and do less, while making more of an impact in your business.

You’ll give yourself permission to let go of the perceived need to hustle to burn out, to do everything for everyone, or to make everyone happy at the expense of your own joy.

You’ll start to honour your natural energy cycles, and reenergise yourself naturally, calling your power back to yourself… and your business.


Mastermind #3: Thriving in a Multi-Passionate Creative Life & Biz

If you’re anything like me, you have several arms to your creative life and biz… all of which you love!

We’re so often told to ‘focus our energy’ to reach our dreams and goals, but I don’t think that means you can’t create a thriving, multi-passionate life and business.

During this workshop, you’ll begin to unravel any fears you may be holding around judgement of your creativity and business, you’ll step more confidently towards your dreams and goals by backing yourself even more, you’ll allow yourself to use all your skills, talents and passions to build a creative life and business that you love, and you’ll start letting yourself do what you do best, without boxing yourself in.

Supportive online resources

These resources will become available to you upon enrolment:

Beautiful Business Workbook

A valuable workbook to help you align to more ease, joy and flow in your business.


Momentum Workbook

In this workbook, I guide you through six incredibly important things you can do during any slow period in your business, to invite flow and momentum back into your business, to align your energy to amazing new ideal clients, and to help you feel secure and confident in how you’re building your business (slow client weeks and all!).

If you’re keen to find your momentum and flow in your business, this workbook is for you.


Releasing Comparison Worksheet

Going through this worksheet will help you release comparison, step back into your power, and take action to support your dreams (or something better).


Expand the Energy of Your Business Meditation

An energy-activating meditation to help you expand the energy of your business, to help you receive, up-level, persevere, and succeed in your own way.


Plus, my three meditation albums
  • You Are Enough meditation album: A deeply empowering guided meditation album, to remind you that you are enough.
  • It’s All Good Meditation Album: A deeply healing guided meditation album, to help you trust and surrender to the bigger plan.
  • Breathe & Receive Meditation Album: 7 chakra-inspired guided meditations to heal, balance and align your energy.
*There might also be more bonuses on the inside…

Because loving what you create is a crucial component of creating a thriving biz, you’ll also receive 50% off my Love What You Create Workshop.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use writing as a tool to build your business, tune into your creativity and honour your muse, release creative fears, comparison and perfectionism, sit down and write… and truly begin to love what you create. 

This is a perfect workshop to dive into upon the completion of our 3 month program, but you can add it on to your account at any time during the program too.

(The 50% off coupon code is valid for 4 months from the date of your enrolment.)


Keen to join me? Here’s how it works:
  • You can enrol by clicking the RESERVE YOUR PLACE buttons below and then choosing from either the RISE UP, SOAR HIGHER or ACCELERATE options.
  • The RISE UP option gives you no private coaching, but all other inclusions (group coaching calls, mastermind workshops and support, and the online resources).
  • The SOAR HIGHER option gives you 1hr/month of private coaching + all other inclusions (group coaching calls, mastermind workshops and support, and the online resources). 
  • The ACCELERATE option gives you 2hrs/month of private coaching + all other inclusions (group coaching calls, mastermind workshops and support, and the online resources).
  • Places are limited depending on how many people choose the 1-session/month or 2-sessions/month option. Once this program is fully booked, I’m unable to take on more clients until the first clients finish their 3 month programs.
  • As soon as you enrol you’ll receive your digital resources, and be directed to book in your monthly/fortnightly private sessions (if you opted for them); I suggest doing this soon upon enrolment to ensure you get the times that suit you.
  • We can work together worldwide because this program is held online, however please ensure your timezone works with mine (AEDT/AEST) for our 1:1 sessions. You can email me to find out my availability before you book in.
  • Book a free chat with me here, if you’d like to chat with me before enrolling in this program.
  • Please enrol mindfully as I don’t offer refunds for change of mind. If you need to cancel the program at any time during the 3 months, you will be liable for any payment outstanding in that 3 month period.



Your best biz is in your reach


RISE UP: $899 or 3 monthly payments of $329

SOAR HIGHER: $1,697 or 3 monthly payments of $597

ACCELERATE: $2,397 or 3 monthly payments of $847

Let’s do this (together)

Want to chat with me first? Book a call with me here.


The Business Alignment Program was a game changer for myself, both personally and for my business. I was overlooking the most basic of aspects of my business, and Cassie’s knowledge, experience and mentoring helped me get back on track. This opened up amazing new opportunities on so many levels.

Completing this program has been one of the defining moments of my life. I can’t recommend it enough; you will not regret signing up for this program.

ALANA TUKUNIU, Therapist and owner of Maulu Spa


Before I started working with Cassie I didn’t release how many blocks I had created and continue to build – realistically I should’ve been a brick layer I’m so good at it. Working with Cassie helps me clear these blocks and break down the walls. It helps me to open up and experience everything completely. Working with Cassie in kinesiology – it’s magic! Cassie makes our time so comfortable that I’m able to release and open up. The guidance that Cassie creates in these sessions is priceless.

After our sessions I feel awakened and aligned again, clear and free. I’m ready to take on challenges or if needed to I’m simply ready to surrender to what I no longer need.

Cassie’s warm, caring and loving nature in itself lights me up. She isn’t just my kinesiologist, but also a mentor in my business and life.



Words cannot fully capture how much working with Cass has helped me.

When my business boomed and my self care practice didn’t boom with it, I came down with a nasty bug that didn’t want to loosen its grips on me. After one session with Cass, I felt energised and rejuvenated, as well as re-inspired to boost my self care practice.

Shortly after, when I received a blow in my business that left me feeling overwhelmed, vulnerable and distrusting of others, just one session with Cass helped me feel supported, ready to open and trust again, and fully returned to my mission, life passion and purpose.

I am a HUGE fan of Cass and her gifts – and will I’m sure book in for many more sessions in the future when I need her magical ‘touch’ to feel more aligned in my business and/or life. Thank you so much Cass – I’ll be recommending your services to anyone who’ll listen!

NAOMI ARNOLD, Business & Life Passion Coach

Through blending kinesiology, business alignment coaching, and naturopathy, I’ve supported my clients with:
  • Clearing away overwhelm, perfectionism, procrastination and fears to help them do their best work in their business.
  • Clearing any blocks or limiting beliefs that may be stopping them from succeeding, receiving, being visible, or moving forward in their business with clarity and confidence.
  • Balancing their goal-setting with their downtime (because your business doesn’t need the exhausted version of you!), in a way that helps them feel even more in flow with their business, goals and dreams.
  • Staying aligned, motivated and inspired to take action, and to create positive changes in their business (and life!) so that real shifts can happen.
  • Remembering why they created their business in the first place, gain more trust within themselves, and feel more confident in how to show up in their business again after going through a challenging period (or two!).
  • Creating services, offerings, digital products and books that truly align to who they are so they can share their gifts, and their work, with the world with more ease.
  • Increasing their self-worth and their business-worth, because the entrepreneurial rollercoaster can get exhausting and our energy is better spent elsewhere!
  • Expanding (and then sustaining) business growth with more ease, and less hustle.


This program is for you if you’re a healer, coach, creative or entrepreneur, and:
  • You’ve been running your business for a while now, and you know it’s time to go to the next level, yet you’re currently feeling blocked, stuck, overwhelmed, and unsure of your next steps.
  • You love to dream big as much as you love to take action. You have a high level of self-responsibility, and you’re ready to sit down and do the work.
  • You’re in a period of transition and want to clarify your next steps; you know you have such good work to do… you just don’t know exactly what it is!
  • You want to simplify, clarify and amplify your business, brand and workflow for maximum impact, momentum and visibility, allowing you to work with focus, and create a business that flows and supports you.
  • You often feel a bit deflated when you think about how much work you put into your biz, and how much you feel you get back. You know it’s time to start receiving, and to allow yourself to make your biz (and life) feel easier.
  • You often compare your business (and yourself) to others in your field, and you know you have to clear this in order to step more fully into your power, and your greater vision.
  • You’re worried about how to grow your business and look after yourself at the same time (perhaps burn out is something you’ve experienced in the past).
  • You’re wanting to feel a deep sense of ease, flow, abundance and expansion but you’re unsure of how to create this in your business and life.
  • You feel as though you’re constantly facing huge business decisions on a daily basis, and the overwhelm and decision-fatigue is stifling your creativity.
  • You know it’s time to rise in both life and biz, and you want some support in doing so.
  • You want to support yourself on every level as you build your business. Even though this is a business-focused program, if ‘life’ stuff comes up (as it does!), we can use our 1:1 sessions to clear this too. The more balanced and aligned you feel in your life, the easier it is to find your flow in your business.


You might enrol in this program to:
  • Come into true alignment with what you’re calling into your business and life.
  • Focus on building your brand, getting clear on what you’re offering, and owning (and honing!) your marketing messages.
  • Create a more positive, healthy and abundant mindset to help you show up in your life and biz in the way you know you can. It’s time for you to stop sabotaging your own success, and do the work you know you want to do.
  • Get off the entrepreneurial rollercoaster, and find more ease and confidence within yourself, your work, and your life.
  • Deepen your connection to yourself through what you’re creating in your life and biz; allowing you to feel more on purpose than ever before.
  • Become 100% aligned to building and sustaining a beautiful, thriving life and biz, honouring yourself, your passions, and your purpose, along the way.
  • Invite more amazing clients to work with you through you an incredible lead nurturing funnel (I am obsessed with my software, lead nurturing sequences and emails, and creating a wonderful experience for clients to flow through).
  • Launch a new product, program or offering; ensuring your self-belief is high, your business is ready to receive amazing new clients, your pricing feels supportive, and you’re clear on your bigger vision (and the alignment and strategy that’ll support this).
  • Focus on promoting an old product, program or offering, breathing new life into it, and reminding yourself that it’s perfect to ‘use what you’ve got.’
  • Map out the book you’ve always wanted to write… and then brainstorm it all with me, clearing out perfectionism, procrastination, and overwhelm along the way.
  • Create digital content (think: workbooks, online programs, meditations, workshops, videos and more) to create streamlined leveraged income.
  • Reinvigorate your business (and yourself), find your flow with your business again, and reconnect with why you started your biz in the first place.
  • Create more financial and creative freedom in your life, (finally) allowing things to be easier, more  supportive, and more expansive for you.
  • Focus on tidying up your business boundaries, increase your pricing (and deepen your self-worth) to allow your business to work for you.
  • Start connecting with your personal power and intuition on a deeper level, to build a more aligned business, based on intuition (and not simply strategy).
  • Hone your skills as an entrepreneur, business owner, writer and creator, to allow you to create even more momentum (and confidence) in yourself, life and biz.
  • Build out a whole new process of working in your business, with a new lead nurturing sequence, new offerings, a new energy, and a new way of doing business.
  • Align to a new way of working that doesn’t call for burn out or hustling… because perhaps you’ve done that, and can see that it only gets you so far!
  • Give yourself permission to finally step up, and step out, as a leader in your industry.
  • Really start honing your voice, clearing your mind of ‘can’t’ and allowing yourself to do the work you know you’re here to do.
  • Or… a combination of all of the above!

Are you ready to find your flow with your biz?
(Hint: yes!)


RISE UP: $899 or 3 monthly payments of $329

SOAR HIGHER: $1,697 or 3 monthly payments of $597

ACCELERATE: $2,397 or 3 monthly payments of $847

Let’s do this (together)

Want to chat with me first? Book a call with me here.


I started working with Cassie because I’d been feeling out of alignment in my business. The work I was doing felt heavy and I was feeling resentful of all that was happening in my business. I knew that it wasn’t the work itself, but that my energy was depleted and I wasn’t showing up in my business the way I wanted to.

I was drawn to working with Cassie because I had seen how she had crafted a business around the lifestyle that she wanted to live and worked in a way that felt good to her.

Working with Cassie was magical! After every session I felt lighter, and like the road ahead had suddenly been cleared for me. Some major shifts happened as a result of working together, primarily being letting go of work, offerings and client-relationships that no longer served me. This is something that has created a ripple effect in my business and carries through even to this day. If it isn’t lighting me up, then I give myself full permission to let it go/say no.

One of my favourite parts of the program was having our calls over Skype. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how the energetic nature of the Business Alignment Program would work over Skype, but I was continually amazed at how on-point Cassie’s energetic readings were. Having affirmations that I could easily refer back to and implement in the day-to-day of my life & business also made me feel supported and connected in-between sessions.

I now feel like I’ve cleared a lot of negative energy around my business, and have crafted a business that supports me (rather than drains me!). There’s more ease, flow and spaciousness to be creative in my business. I feel that I now better understand the tools to support me in my business when things are feeling out of alignment!

If you’re feeling stuck or heavy in your business, or things just don’t feel like they’re the best version they can be, I’d definitely suggest working with Cassie. Her energy is magnetic and above all she truly cares about you and the success of your business.

ELLE LYNN, Creative Director, JuJu Creative Hub


I cannot recommend Cassie highly enough. To be honest she has played a very valuable part in helping me create the business that I have today. Before I started having 1:1 Skype business alignment and mentoring sessions with Cassie, I was feeling lost and overwhelmed with how to go about achieving the business (and life!) that I wanted. I also had moments of huge self-doubt that would sabotage any progress that I made and I was getting very tired due to not having clear boundaries in place to balance my work and my ‘down’ time.

After my first meeting with Cassie, I felt so inspired and motivated and best of all, supported! It became clear what I needed to have in place to achieve my goals, and I came away feeling back on track and positive about where I was heading and what to do next.

Her guidance, support, knowledge and inspiring personality have been invaluable to me, and I have appreciated having the support and wisdom from someone who has also started at the beginning, and successfully worked her way to the top. Without a doubt, I can totally recommend working with her!

MELANIE HARRISON, Founder of Quiescent, Massage Therapist


I contacted Cassie after returning to work, a year after having my second baby. I was feeling stuck, overwhelmed and confused about how my business would run now that I’m also a mum of two. Cassie helped me to remove blocks, become clearer in my decision-making, and stop procrastinating. She guided me to follow my gut instinct and ultimately, create the business that I really want.

Cassie has helped me to trust my instinct and follow my heart; basically, to do what feels right for me. I’m now attracting more of the type of patients I like to see. Plus, I have tonnes of excitement and clarity over my business and side projects.

If you’re feeling stuck and needing some guidance, I would highly recommend the Business Alignment Program. It not only helped me realign energetically, but Cassie also has a bucket load of business advice and great recommendations that have all helped me get to where I am today.

BRITTANY DARLING, Nutritionist & Herbalist at Wholefood Healing

Within my own business, everything changed when I gave myself permission to follow my own light… my own way, by clearing away the blocks that were holding me back, and calling my power back to me

Doing so allowed me to grow and expand my business in alignment with who I am, letting go of what I no longer needed (on both an energetic and a practical level).

It helped me to clear away blocks that were holding me back, allowing me to step more fully toward what I was calling in.

It helped me open up to receive more (more clients, more income, more visibility, more opportunities) while also helping me ground and anchor into myself and my dreams even more.

It helped me create work that was deeply aligned to who I am; work that was in alignment with what I envision for my future.

I allowed myself to do things my own way; no more ‘I should do it this way’ or ‘That’s how it works for others, so maybe it’ll work for me too.’

I started to build my business in alignment with my values, instead of constantly looking outside of myself for external validation.

I created healthier, firmer boundaries within my business (and my myself), which allowed me to both give and receive more, without burning out, feeling resentful, or working in a way that exhausted me. (Been there, done that!)

I stopped worrying about what everyone else was doing and focused on my own voice, my own work, and my own dreams.

I grew my business, my reach, my audience, my body of work, my offerings, my bottom line, my confidence in myself, and my sense of fulfilment in my work.

I allowed myself to do all of this, and more, without ‘hustling’ to burn out, looking at what everyone else was creating, being someone I’m not, or trying to make my business something that didn’t feel good to me, just to match an external expectation of what a female entrepreneur’s business ‘should’ look like. (Yuck, no thanks!)

And in fact, I continue to do all of this; I continue to align my energy, up-level my mindset and thoughts, and stand in my absolute power. In essence, I continue to deepen what I teach.

And now, I’d love to help you do the same.


Your best biz is in your reach


RISE UP: $899 or 3 monthly payments of $329

SOAR HIGHER: $1,697 or 3 monthly payments of $597

ACCELERATE: $2,397 or 3 monthly payments of $847

Let’s do this (together)

Want to chat with me first? Book a call with me here.



How is this program run? Can I go at my own pace?

This program is run online, through a combination of private 1:1 sessions, business alignment coaching workshops, mastermind workshops, a Facebook group, plus online resources (workbooks, meditations etc.).

Once you sign up, you’ll receive your login details instantly, and be directed to a beautiful membership portal where you’ll have full and exclusive access to the program’s digital content.

You’ll be guided through which content to focus on over a 3 month period (through weekly emails), however you can of course begin the content at anytime, and go through it at your own pace.

If you’ve opted for 1:1 support, we’ll have our 1:1 sessions over a 3 month period.

Once the program finishes, you retain membership access and can re-watch the coaching calls and view/download the digital resources. If I run any future rounds, you’ll be able to join in at no extra cost.

Tell me again: what’s the difference between the RISE UP, SOAR HIGHER and ACCELERATE options?

The difference is simply in how much private 1:1 coaching time you want.

No matter which 1:1 option you choose, you receive the group coaching calls, the mastermind workshop and Facebook group support, and the online resources.

With RISE UP, there’s no private 1:1 business alignment and kinesiology coaching, but you receive support from me in our Facebook group.

With SOAR HIGHER, you’ll receive 1hr/month of private 1:1 business alignment and kinesiology coaching. 

With ACCELERATE, you’ll receive 2hrs/month of private 1:1 business alignment and kinesiology coaching.

How many places do you have available?

For the RISE UP tier, places are unlimited, however, places are limited for the SOAR HIGHER and ACCELERATE tiers, as I only have availability for a limited number of clients at a time (depending on how many people choose the 1-session/month or 2-sessions/month option).

Once the 1:1 spots are fully booked, I’m unable to take on more clients until the previous clients finish their 3 month programs.

When would we have our first 1:1 session?

Our 1:1 time together can commence when you sign up, and all 1:1 sessions must be booked within a 12 week period.

I don’t live in Sydney (although I do love Bondi Beach), can I still enrol?

We can work together worldwide because this program is held online, however please ensure your timezone works with mine (AEDT/AEST) for our 1:1 sessions. Email me for availability.

What if I have a busy life and can’t start right away?

You can go through this content at your own pace, so it’s totally okay if you’re going through a busy period.

With the online resources, you might go through them in one day, one week or one month; you don’t need to go through the content by a specific date. As I always say, it’s your business, and your choice, and so the pace at which you start or go through the content is totally up to you.

However, the 1:1 sessions must be scheduled over a 12 week period. If you need to schedule them more frequently than monthly/fortnightly, that’s okay, as long as you’ve booked all your sessions within a 12 week period.

Do I need to own my own business to join this program?

In most cases, yes. While it doesn’t matter where you are in your business (because I believe this program will help you expand what’s possible for you in your biz, no matter what stage you’re in), it’s probably not right for you if you’re thinking of a career change, but don’t have some of the foundations for your business already in place e.g. an idea of what you’re working on or offering, a website, etc.

You might be feeling overwhelmed with how to grow your biz, and working with me will help bring you clarity; but this program isn’t about brainstorming business ideas if you’re brand new to business.

However, if you’re just starting your business, and you feel really called to this program, and would like to chat with me about it to see if we’re a good fit, please book in a call here.

Do I need to have a really well-established business, with lots of clients?

Not at all. This program will be incredibly supportive in helping you build up your business by clearing away blocks and self-sabotages that might be holding you back; deepening your understanding of how to build an aligned business; supporting you with strategy and business alignment coaching to help you take aligned action; and supporting you to expand the energy of your business.

You might not even have your own business, but have an entrepreneurial spirit and a devotion to your dreams; maybe you work in corporate and want to progress (and shatter that glass ceiling!), maybe you have a side passion project, or you moonlight as a creative. If you’re resonating with this program, I’d love to welcome you in.

What if I do have a really well-established business, with lots of clients? Can I still enrol?

Absolutely. What I find with kinesiology and business alignment coaching is that there’s always more we can integrate, another up-leveling within ourselves, our mindsets, and our energy, and another way we can evolve to grow our businesses.

So yes, I believe this program will be incredibly supportive in helping you build up your business, no matter what stage of business you’re in.

Plus, if you opt for the 1:1 support, each private 1:1 session is completely tailored to you and your business, so you’ll be supported no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey.

Who have you worked with before? 

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs and small biz owners across many industries and in many professions, including; naturopaths, nutritionists, graphic designers, bloggers, kinesiologists, reiki and crystal healers, crystal store owners, yoga teachers, lawyers, marketing consultants, massage therapists, makeup artists, personal trainers, life coaches, health coaches, interior designers, wedding stylists, PR consultants, and more.

What if I enrol, and then have LOTS of questions every week; can I email you? Are YOU my accountability buddy?

I’ve never been one to offer unlimited email support, because I think it’s the opposite of accountability. It can become a crutch, and not only does it add extra admin to both our plates, but so often, the answer comes to you once you’ve sent off the email (ah, the beauty of space!).

Accountability is responsibility, and you are responsible for your business. I’m here to help, but not via unlimited email support. The best way I can support you is in our 1:1 sessions, and in our private Facebook group (where your biz buddies can jump in with support and suggestions too).

Of course, if you email me, I’ll reply! (I’m not mean.) It’s just not my preferred, or recommended, vehicle for coaching.

If something feels urgent, I’d much prefer you ask me a question in our Facebook group and I answer there (and I may even hop on a quick Facebook Live to answer it in real time for you!).

What if I want to chat with you before booking this program? Can I take you for coffee? Fly you to Paris for a meeting?

If you want to chat to me before booking in, you can book in a free 15min chat here, BYO coffee.

Obviously, if a flight to Paris is being offered, I’m in! Duh. I’ll bring the croissants. You bring the private jet. Deal?

Who do you prefer? Chris or Liam?

Please don’t make me choose! I know I said this is the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section, however that’s probably the only question I can’t answer.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this offering, I don’t provide refunds for change of mind. (Nothing in this policy though, affects the rights you may have as a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law.)

If you need to cancel the program at any time during the 3 months, you will be liable for any payment outstanding in that 3 month period.

For full sales terms and conditions, please click here.

You can also email me if you have any other questions. Please get in touch here.

When it comes to building and expanding a beautiful business, it’s the inner work that counts first

It’s your time to shine, and to do the inner work for your business, and for yourself.

With inner work—and the alignment that flows from it—the outer work, like the strategy and implementation, becomes easier, more enjoyable, and more worthwhile (because you make real traction, when you take the right action).

If you know it’s time to get clear on how to build your business with ease and flow, clarity and confidence—and most importantly, in alignment with who you areI’d love to work with you in this program.


Create momentum and up-level your business


RISE UP: $899 or 3 monthly payments of $329

SOAR HIGHER: $1,697 or 3 monthly payments of $597

ACCELERATE: $2,397 or 3 monthly payments of $847

Let’s do this (together)

Want to chat with me first? Book a call with me here.


I started working with Cass in the early days of developing my business and there’s been more than one occasion where our Skype session has been the turning point of my week. In times where I’ve felt overwhelmed by the number of steps I still needed to take, she’s helped me refocus my energies so I was able to move forward and invest my time in the things that truly mattered.

She taught me that, while I as a person am separate to my business, the biz can only ever live up to its true potential when I live up to mine – and the best way for me to start doing that was to regularly revel in some self care.

Cass thank you so much for your support and generosity. I look forward to growing and learning more with you!

SAMANTHA FAKE, Wedding Planner + Stylist & Founder of White Rapture


Before working with Cassie, I felt like I was chasing many different avenues for setting up my business, none of which were getting me very far. I had very little clarity about what steps I needed to prioritise, and what steps I needed to move away from. I loved working with Cassie because each session, she’d give me actionable ‘homework’ to complete before the next session, ensuring that I actually made progress in my business from fortnight to fortnight.

If you’re thinking about working with Cassie in her Business Alignment Program, I’d definitely say, ‘Yes – do it!’. Investing in yourself and your business is essential for forward movement, and Cassie will help you gain so much clarity.

Overall, I feel a sense of confidence around moving forward with my business that I definitely would not have gained without my sessions with Cassie. She’s a lovely gem, and someone you definitely want to associate with if you’re looking to build a business.

BETH BRIDGES, Naturopath & Life Coach


Working with Cassie really changed everything for me in my business. Our sessions were always full of insight from both my own revelations but also with what Cassie came up with through her kinesiology methods.

I finished my Business Alignment Program with so much clarity and was able to decipher the difference between what it was that I actually wanted to do in my business and what I thought I should be doing. From finishing this program with Cassie, my business now serves me and I don’t feel lost like I did when I first started working with her. Cassie is a true shining light.

KYLIE ANDERSON, Personal Trainer & Reiki Healer at Be Your Radiant Self

To sum it all up…
  • I really believe that if this feels right for you, and if it feels like it’s time for you to take the next step to up-level your thoughts, energy, mindset, life and business… you’ll know; it’ll feel stretchy, exciting, and expansive. And if that’s you right now, I would love to support you through this program!
  • To sign up, click the RESERVE YOUR PLACE button above or below, and select from either the RISE UP, SOAR HIGHER or ACCELERATE options (remember, the only difference is in how much 1:1 time we have together).
  • Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive all the information you need to book in your sessions, and your program inclusions, via email.
  • Pricing is in AUD and includes GST for Aussies. You can claim the cost of this program for tax purposes. I don’t offer refunds for change of mind.


And yes, of course there’ll be lots of time for Netflix and chill (in fact, it’ll be prescribed!)

This program is about supporting you to create more alignment, abundance, ease, freedom and expansion in your life and business.

It’s not an army bootcamp, and my intention is to always support you to do what feels good for you; no forcing, no controlling.

It’s about aligned action, soulful strategy, feminine flow and… Netflix, always.

If you know it’s time to do the work to allow your business to thrive, expand and support you on every level… I would be honoured to work with you in my Business Alignment Program.


I can’t wait to support you as you clear away your blocks, align your energy, and call your power back to you, while you build, grow and expand your beautiful business. 

It’s time to stand in your absolute power, and commit to yourself and your dreams, following your own light… your own way.

Ready to level up?


RISE UP: $899 or 3 monthly payments of $329

SOAR HIGHER: $1,697 or 3 monthly payments of $597

ACCELERATE: $2,397 or 3 monthly payments of $847

Let’s do this (together)

Want to chat with me first? Book a call with me here.

I can’t wait to work with you in this way,