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Choosing yourself

Have you ever wished that one day you’d wake up and get a phone call that would change everything? Or...

You can too

A little while ago, an idea for a children's book came to me I emailed a friend of mine who knew a...

‘The most boring book’

Somewhere in the world, is a woman named Agnes Agnes hates my second book, It's All Good. Agnes thinks...

There’s no perfect way

I recently ran a private book-writing workshop It was with one of my lovely clients who I've been working...

Do this today

One of my favourite lines from my new book, Aligned & Unstoppable is: You can be in alignment when...

10 facts about my new book

My new book Aligned & Unstoppable is officially out in the world! To celebrate this momentous step of...

Why not?

I did it I edited my new book, Aligned & Unstoppable, with my baby on my hip, and I've sent it in to...


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