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Beautiful Business Webinar Series


Do you ever wonder what you’d be able to do in your business if you were crystal clear on your next steps?


What about if you didn’t compare yourself to other people in business, and simply focused on your own vision and voice?

(Ah, what a relief that would be, right?)

Or if you felt completely confident to communicate a change in your business vision or direction?

(Because you know, you’re constantly evolving as a person and entrepreneur, so it only makes sense that your business would evolve too!)

In my Beautiful Business Webinar Series, those are the the topics I cover.

I’ve been through the overwhelm we can so often feel before diving into our work, before starting a new project, or when we simply feel like there are so many things we want to be doing to build our businesses.

I’ve felt that crushing comparison that has, at times, meant I’ve felt small, stuck and insignificant; it’s meant I’ve not done the work I needed to do, because I felt like there was no space for me.

And I’ve been through periods where I knew my business, passions and interests were evolving, and at times, I felt too scared to communicate these changes because I thought I’d upset people in my business. Until I realised that… this is my business, and I get to choose how I run it.

And if you’ve ever felt the same way, I’d love to help.

I created this business alignment video training because I know that building your business can be easier; I know that running a beautiful business you love can actually be done from a space of flow and expansion, and not stress and overwhelm. I know you can feel clear and confident in your business. I know you can allow your business to evolve as your passions and interests do too. 

I combine my kinesiology work with business alignment coaching to help you clear your blocks, take focused action, and align yourself to the business you’re so worthy of creating (and enjoying!).

When you join this business alignment training, you’ll receive almost three hours of group coaching, energetic clearing and soulful strategy.

I’ll help you clear away overwhelm and invite in clarity, release comparison, and discover how to pivot in your business with ease; supporting you to feel clear, confident and aligned as you build your beautiful business.

I absolutely loved this webinar series! With everything you are ‘supposed’ to be doing in business, I always seem to feel so behind. Somehow you’ve been able to help me get more done by doing less, helping to change my focus and the energy of my business. The webinars helped to alleviate the pressures I had been putting on myself and the pressures I was taking on from the outside; just by watching them I could feel the weight and pressure coming off, thank you!

CASSIE MURRAY, Mentor/Coach, doTERRA Leader

I just listened to your first webinar replay and loved it! I deeply resonated with a lot of what you shared about your own process. I have struggled for many years with prioritising and committing to follow through on projects. I found everything you shared incredibly practical and very inspiring. Thank you!

JESSICA KALI, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Soul & Energy Mentor at


This business alignment coaching series is for you if you’re a healer, coach, creative or entrepreneur, and:

  • You’ve been running your business for a while now, and you know it’s time to go to the next level, yet you’re currently feeling blocked, stuck, overwhelmed, and unsure of your next steps.
  • You’re lacking clarity on where to invest your time, energy and money to help grow and expand your business.
  • You’ve been feeling stuck in your business lately, and you’re wanting to find clarity, allowing you to work with focus, and create a business that flows and supports you.
  • You often compare your business (and yourself) to others in your field, and you know you have to clear this in order to really step into your power and expand your business.
  • You feel there’s a change coming in your business, and you’re worried about how to navigate this change.
  • Your business is evolving as you evolve, and you know it’s time to speak up about your new vision and invite in the right clients/customers to work with you in this new energy and iteration of your business. (But eep, that feels a bit scary! What if all your clients leave? What if no one likes your new direction? How will you communicate the changes with ease?)
  • You’ve ever experienced a slow client week (or several!) and want to stop worrying about these ebbs and flows, or feeling like you’re doing something wrong if this happens.
  • You’re wanting to feel a deep sense of ease, flow and expansion but you’re unsure of how to align to this in your business (and life!).


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Cassie, what an amazing webinar series! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us in such an inspiring and loving way. This series has appeared at the right time for me as I’m ready to really tap into what my business needs – I’ve always referred to my business as an energetic entity and I look forward to growing her and watching her evolve and grow, and I’m so excited that I get to do this. From my heart to yours, thank you, thank you, thank you!

VANDA COSTA, Intuitive Tarot Reader at Amethyst Rose

Thanks so much for the webinars, Cassie. Great motivation as always. It feels so good to listen to someone who really has an interest in our businesses blossoming into how we want them to be.

SHERRIE WILLIAMSON, Founder of Your Best Body Personal Training


Here’s what’s included:

Video #1: Clearing overwhelm and finding clarity

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed in your business (and seriously, who hasn’t?!), you’ll know what I mean when I say it can feel crushing, confusing and confining.

This coaching video is centred around helping you understand where all that overwhelm is coming from, why it’s keeping you from doing the work that matters, and how to master the energy behind your (million and one!) ideas so you can focus on the very next (and very important!) steps you need to take in your business.


Video #2: Releasing comparison in your business

I see so many women building their business, while also spending so much energy looking around at everyone else building their business, often leaving them feeling as if they’re constantly playing catch-up.

I know what comparison can feel like in business; it’s draining, depleting, and can feel like it’s pulling you backwards.

Let’s clear all of that in this coaching video. Your business is enough. (See what I did there?)


Video #3: Pivoting in your business with ease

Things change in business. Our passions change, our focus can change, we can change our mind.

What do we do when we face change in our business, and how do we gracefully navigate these new waters, pivoting our business, passions and focus, ensuring we attract the right customers and clients along the way? That’s what we’ll focus on in this coaching video.


Momentum Workbook: Six things to do during a slow client week

In this workbook, I’ll guide you through six incredibly important things you can do during any slow period in your business, to invite flow and momentum back into your business, to align your energy to amazing new ideal clients, and to help you feel secure and confident in how you’re building your business (slow client weeks and all!).

If you’re keen to find your momentum and flow in your business, this workbook is for you.


Expand the Energy of Your Business Meditation

This 21-minute meditation is perfect for you if you’ve been feeling a little ‘left behind’ in your own business, if you’ve been comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs, not sure how (or even if!) to move forwards, and if you’re tired of being on the entrepreneurial roller coaster.

You might also use it to expand what’s possible for you financially, or to help you be (and feel) more seen, or to support you in creating new products or offerings that feel aligned and supportive.


You can do this (and you don’t have to do it alone)


Oh my goodness, those webinars were amazing! I am so inspired, and the webinar series helped to clear up so much for me, and bring in so much clarity for me and my business. I am really loving hearing about your tips and advice on building a beautiful business.

JORDY LEE, Personal Trainer & Entrepreneur

I just wanted to say thank you for the Beautiful Business Webinar Series. I got SO much out of them, particularly the first webinar, as I don’t actually have my own business yet, but it’s something I’m working towards. I loved the ease in which you presented, and the truly gold information you gave us. Thank you!


Wow, the webinars are so beautiful. Your energy is so healing. You are doing wonderful work – what a great presence in the world, helping to raise the vibration for the universe. Beautiful soul.

WENDY SMITH, Life Coach at

Working with me combines energetic clearing, soulful strategy & business alignment coaching



The details:

  • The cost of this offering is AU$197 and includes GST for Aussies.
  • To sign up, click one of the “GET STARTED” buttons above or below to be taken to the order page.
  • Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive instant access to the exclusive CMJ Courses membership portal, where you can watch all the coaching video recordings, and go through the workbook and meditation, whenever you want.
  • Please shop mindfully as I don’t offer refunds for change of mind. You can check out my refund policy here.
After watching the first webinar, I gained instant clarity that allowed me to stop procrastinating, and I had a much clearer, calmer week for it. I fully absorbed the webinar and even paused the video to pull out an A3 piece of paper, and mindmap all the projects that have been swimming around in my head for weeks. I stopped feeling overwhelmed and frustrated; instead, just moving on with what I had to do. I ticked off a big task I’ve been meaning to finish for weeks that same afternoon!

BERLEENA EBERLE, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Take aligned action to build your beautiful business



I can’t wait for you to dive into this webinar series, and help you expand and up-level your beautiful business.