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Love What You Create: Book-Writing Workshop

Cassie Mendoza-Jones book-writing workshop Love What You Create

Writing a book?

Or writing it but feeling kinda stuck?

Join me for a half-day book-writing intensive. 

Let’s clear away your fears, blocks, perfectionism and inaction.

Let’s get your best book out of you, and onto paper.  

I’ve written three books in four years, and I know the first step in the book-writing process is based in trust…

Trust in yourself.

Trust in your words, your worth, your work.

Trust in the bigger vision you’re seeing, where all your hours of writing culminate in holding your beautiful book in your hands; feeling the weight of this book you held in your sights for so long.

And the second step? Action.

Action in the face of fear, doubts, uncertainties, comparison, resistance, perfectionism, overwhelm, and creative insecurity; action that drives your dreams forwards, and brings your soul-based work out of the ether, and into the world.

If like me, you love writing and want to write a book you’re truly proud of, I would love for you to join me for this book-writing workshop. 

During our time together, I’ll share with you everything I know about connecting the words in your heart to the words on the page, how to move through that messy, magical, maddening middle, and how to come out on the other side with a book that serves and supports those who need it most (while also knowing you healed a part of yourself through the writing of it)… and so much more. 


In this workshop, I’ll share with you how to:

  • Write a book (or three!), from the very first stages, to the very last (beautifully polished) draft
  • Energetically clear creative stresses and blocks that may be holding you back from feeling really confident about your creativity
  • Get out of your own way, and write the best book you can write
  • Tune into your creativity and honour your muse
  • Stand in your power with your work, your message, your vision… and confidently invite others to do the same
  • Become a prolific writer and creator, without burning out in the process
  • Write your book with ease and flow, intuition and feminine energy
  • Mix writing, creativity and spirituality to create your best, most aligned and abundant body of work
  • Release creative fears, procrastination, comparison and perfectionism
  • And so much more…


Plus we’ll go behind-the-scenes into my own writing journey, having written three books in under four years, all published by Hay House: You Are Enough, It’s All Good and Aligned and Unstoppable.


If you have an idea of what you want to write, if you’ve always dreamed of being an author, or if you’ve already started your book but want some help, you’ll love this workshop.

I used to feel stressed, overwhelmed and confused at the thought of writing a book, even though I knew deep down… writing a book was in my life’s plan.

I had to build my confidence through action, I had to let go of my fears through building my trust, and I had to remember that I didn’t need to know the outcome, to keep writing anyway.

Now, even if (or when!) I feel overwhelmed or daunted at the words on the page, even if (or when!) resistance pops her pretty head up, even if (or when!) it seriously feels like I have nooooo idea what I’m writing, or if anyone will even read it… I have a deep trust in this creative process, and in my creative capabilities.

And that makes all the difference when it comes to writing and actually completing your book.

Now, I love what I create because I allow intuition, trust and a higher support to guide my work, my words and my books.

Before I became an author, I knew that having confidence in myself and my work would play an important part in writing my books… but do you know that for so long, I didn’t have the confidence to call myself a writer (or to even think of myself as a writer!)?

Not until I gave myself permission to do so; to call myself a writer; to sit down and write; to love what I was creating.

I know that sometimes speaking up about your insights, creating something new, and writing what you truly need to write, can feel really hard.

You might doubt yourself, your voice, your creative abilities and your choices.

You might not know where to start, or how to keep going.

But I also know this: you can use your voice to write a beautiful book that you love, if you feel deeply called to it, if you show up for yourself (and your muse), and if you make time and space to clear your blocks, align with your purpose and vision, and love what you create.

And that’s why I want to help.

Your best book is inside you; will you let it out? 

Here’s what people are saying about this workshop:

I was inspired to book into this workshop because a book had been stirring in me for some time, but I kept putting it off, and was finding it hard to create the time to sit down and commit to it.

I realize now that’s it’s totally possible for me to do this. Cassie made me see that the book I’m meant to write is all there, it’s my job to create the container for it to be brought into physical form. I’ve learnt practical writing habits and mindset shifts that will make the writing process flow much more easily.

I left with a plan, chapter by chapter of what I’m going to be writing. This is exactly what I needed to give myself permission to start writing and make my book a reality!

Finishing this workshop, I now feel more ready than ever to write my book! I am filled with belief that I can write the kind of book I’ve known has always been in me.

I loved the intimate nature of this workshop and the care Cassie took to understand each person and the book they are writing. It felt so supportive, positive and encouraging. If you want to write a book, this workshop is exactly what you need to bring your book ideas to life.

– Annabelle Matson, Life Coach

I loved the workshop so much and got so much out of it. It was such an honor to be in class with Cassie, since I’ve always wanted to come to Australia and this time I could just work with her straight from my own desk/bed.

I’m so grateful she offered her wisdom and experience with us! I’ve taken a few other book writing classes but I haven’t felt as inspired as I did from this one.

I’ve been following Cassie for a long, long time, and I have always been drawn to what she shares because of how much she focuses on making things simple, and prioritizing the importance of self-care.

– Natalie Walstein, Soulshine Astrology

An overview of the workshop:
Hello Book, It’s Me
  • You’ll go through a mini-module to get your creative juices flowing, and help you tune into the energy of your book, before we dive fully into the Love What You Create book-writing process
What Are You Writing?

Here’s what we’ll cover in this module:

  • Getting clear on your creative dream/vision for this book
  • Brainstorming your book in a way that adds clarity and value, not stress and overwhelm
  • Planning your book (chapters, themes etc.)  so that you know exactly what to start on first to actually move your book forwards
  • The easiest way to write your book outline and structure of your chapters
Writing A Book You Love

Here’s what we’ll cover in this module:

  • The energy behind what you create, write and share
  • Getting clear on how you want to share your lessons/insights
  • How to find your voice and use it
  • My favourite trick when it comes to naming my chapters
  • How to add layers and tools to deepen your work, e.g. worksheets, prompts, questions etc.
  • Managing self-doubt and criticism (you know, so you actually love what you create!)
Mastering Doing The Work

Here’s what we’ll cover in this module:

  • Letting go of creative stress, perfectionism and procrastination
  • All the healthy writing habits
  • How to write in a beautiful (and healthy) way
  • Scheduling and making space to create, as well as mapping out where and when you’ll plan, create and write
  • How to honour your muse (I’ll show you that she’s not that elusive)
  • Your ultimate creative day

Plus, you’ll receive these amazing bonuses:

  • Clearing Obstacles in The Book-Writing Process Audio
  • Self-Confidence Meditation
  • Creativity Meditation
  • Refresh & Restore Meditation
  • My Spotify writing playlist (that I always write to, and always add songs to – you’ll love it!)
  • If you join me in-person, you’ll get delicious, healthy snacks and a beautiful printed workbook (and a few other little things!)
  • If you join me for the online workshop, you’ll receive a digital copy of the workbook, plus a little gift in the mail!

This 3hr book-writing workshop will help you get your best book out of you, onto paper, and into the hearts and minds of those who need your words the most

Use your words to write your book, with ease and heart and flow


New dates will be available soon.

Space is limited!

Just LOVED the book writing workshop! It’s such a vibe. Cassie is brilliant, she walks you step-by-step through the process of writing your book, and addresses ALL your questions (and fears, doubts, and what-ifs).

It’s amazing to learn from someone who has done it all before. I feel so empowered, clear and aligned.

If you want to get into momentum with your book (or book dreams/ideas), this workshop would be ideal for you. Absolutely follow your heart.

– Elyse Santilli, Life coach & Writer

I was excited to join this workshop because I love Cassie’s energy and work. When you work with Cassie, you receive the same authenticity and warm energy that you’ve come to know from her books.

You’ll be so happy you decided to do this workshop. You receive years of industry know-how and expertise in one amazing, inspiring, motivating and supportive workshop.

Cass is a dynamic, super intelligent woman that has harnessed the ability to cut through obstacles. If ‘unstoppable’ had a face you can be sure it would be Cassie’s. Such an amazing thought leader, I enjoyed every minute of working with her.

– Dollores Palavra, Author & Psychotherapist

This workshop is for you if:
  • You really, really, really want to write a book (most likely self-help or spiritual/personal development)
  • You want personalised feedback on your ideas, book structure, themes etc. and the chance to brainstorm with me, and a group of wonderful creatives (I’ve kept this workshop very small and intimate to allow for this)
  • You love writing and creating, and you want to deepen your self-confidence
  • You have an idea of what you want to write but you feel stuck as to how to turn the idea into a book
  • You wonder if anyone will even read what you write
  • You want to write your book with ease and flow, alignment and devotion
  • You know you have so much you want to say, but you feel stuck in perfectionism, fear, comparison and procrastination
  • You often feel overwhelmed because you have a million ideas you want to work on all at once, and you know it’s time to get some clarity on where to begin
  • You really want to step into your role and purpose as a writer
  • You have a high level of self-responsibility and you’re willing to sit down and do the work
  • You know you’re ready for the next step in your writing journey, and you know that means a book!
This workshop isn’t for you if:
  • You only want info on how to get published (that’s not what this workshop is about)
  • You’re looking for a specific copywriting workshop to build your copywriting skills
  • You’re writing a short, children’s book
  • You aren’t passionate about writing or creativity

I was inspired to book into this workshop because I have a book inside of me but was lost at getting it down on paper. The workshop was full of brilliant, thoughtful material I would not have thought to question, or apply to this writing journey.

The huge insights and breakthroughs I had throughout the morning was mind blowing. I now feel so excited and so pumped. I feel like I can genuinely make this dream of writing a book come true.

If you’re thinking about signing up for this private workshop, go for it!

You will gain so much from the experience that is useful in not just writing a book but in life in general. It is truly worth every cent. I have no regrets, only a clear direction and now a stronger mission and purpose than ever before to write my book.

Seeing Cassie’s excitement in the book has given me faith and hope that there will be an audience for it. When she told me that this book had to be written… that was the ultimate gift! Thank you.

– Laura Woodbury, Teacher, Traveler & Blogger

Let’s get your best book out of you


New dates will be available soon.

Space is limited!

During this workshop, you will:
  • Map out the book you want to write in a way that actually serves and supports your creativity, and helps you create momentum and flow in the most impactful way
  • Sit down and actually… write. You’ll finish the workshop having started (or continued to work on) your book
  • Clear away comparison, perfectionism and procrastination and start doing the work you know you’re meant to do
  • Clear away and manage self-doubt, criticism or fears of being visible so that you can get your work out there and feel good doing it
  • Start mastering doing the work; you’ll learn about healthy writing habits, how to find your voice and really start using it, how to stop procrastinating and do your work, and how to continue to tune into your creativity in a healthy way (without burning out)
  • You’ll also get my behind-the-scenes insights into how I wrote three books in under four years
  • And… you’ll be able to give yourself permission to call yourself a writer (among your other skills!), if you want… (ah, finally!)
After this workshop, you will:
  • Have started (or continued to work on) your book, after having brainstormed it at the workshop and received personalised feedback and advice from me too
  • Have a really clear idea of what you’ll be writing (without being rigid in your expectations or goals)
  • Have a much deeper understanding of how to write and create your book with creative clarity, freedom and joy, instead of always feeling overwhelmed, under-prepared or not good enough
  • Know that your work is good enough and feel so much more confident about releasing it into the world
  • Feel really clear on how to connect with the energy of your book, with more flow, and less force
  • Feel so much more confident in how to fully and truly express yourself using your own voice
  • Allow yourself to stand in your power, back yourself, and do the work that really, truly, lights you up
  • Know that you can open up to finding your own inspiration and step fully onto your own writing and creative journey (comparisonitis, be gone!)
  • Feel safe, grounded and confident in how to write your book with heart, ease-filled-diligence and devotion, and a lot of flow
  • Have connected with a bunch of other wonderful creatives who will cheer you on and support you in your writing, creative and business endeavours
  • And holy moly, so much more

“Love your material. Nothing frightens the inner critic more than the writer who loves her work.”
Allegra Goodman

It’s time to love what you create


New dates will be available soon.

Space is limited!

Cassie’s 1:1 book-writing intensive was exactly what I needed in order to launch myself into this next phase of writing. From the moment I arrived at the workshop, to the moment I left the workshop, I felt more in touch with my book (and its powerful teachings) than ever before.

The day after my 1:1 workshop with Cassie, I sat down and opened my workbook to find the same empowering thoughts and feelings rushing back to me. I am aligned, I am excited and I am ready to become an Author.

I feel inspired, aligned, motivated and clear. It’s now, with all of my new learnings, that my book will flow through me with ease, love and the importance that it deserves.

Cassie’s workbook is gold! I’ve learnt critical tools, useful structures and the perfect exercises that will now allow my book to flow through me with complete acceptance and importance. Thank you, Cassie, for the blessing that was your workshop, I am full of appreciation!

– Natalie London, Youth Speaker, Writer & Growth Consultant

I embrace and embody what I’ll be teaching you.
Here’s the proof:
  • I won an international publishing deal with Hay House and wrote the first draft of my 60,000 word bestselling book, You Are Enough, in six weeks, in mid-2015, and the majority of my second book, It’s All Good, over an eight day and then nine day period. My third book, Aligned and Unstoppable, has just been published. I wrote the 70,000 word book over an 18-month period, while pregnant for much of the writing too.
  • I once wrote 100,000+ words for a collection of online courses and guides in just over a month
  • I’ve been creating beautiful and successful digital products since 2012, from ebooks to meal plans, ecourses to multi-media guides, meditations and more
  • I’ve written for national and international publications such as Collective Hub, body + soul, Women’s Fitness, Prevention, Nature & Health, Gourmet Traveller and Dolly, and for websites such as The Huffington Post, The Daily Guru,,, Sporteluxe, marie claire and
  • I am the first one to put my hand up and say I’m a perfectionist, but I don’t let that stop me from doing the work and putting it out there
  • I know how to honour my muse, and be a prolific writer, without burning myself out in the process
  • I cleared my own comparison that was holding me back from doing my best work and now I honour my own voice in my writing
Most importantly though, I absolutely love sitting down to write, create and expand my body of work.
I want to teach you how you can write a beautiful book that feels good to write, too.


What happens when I reserve my seat?

You’ll get a confirmation email on signing up, some more info from me later on, and a reminder email just before the workshop.

Remind me of the details?

Private Workshop: The workshop will be held online, and I’m more than happy to discuss changing the time slightly to better accommodate your timezone. (I used to offer these in-person too but this has changed recently due to social distancing requirements).

Group Workshop: Alternatively, you may choose the small group online workshop. The recording will be available and you can email me any questions you may have, if you’re not able to attend live.

Can I still come if I’ve already done your ‘original’ Love What You Create Workshop?


You’ll get so much out of this book-writing workshop as, while it draws on the core themes and lessons from the original Love What You Create Workshop, it’s also a standalone workshop.

We dive deep into your book in an empowering, high-level, intensive workshop, and I know you’ll get so much out of coming.

In essence, this workshop will help you write your best book(s).

What do I need to bring?

Your laptop and charger, your fave notebook and pens, and anything else that helps you write.

Do I need to be a very good writer to come?

Our inner perfectionist is always the first and last to critique our own work. This workshop is about dimming his/her voice so you can own your gifts and share them with the world. A natural by-product of writing, writing more, and then writing some more is that you’ll not only hone your voice, but your writing skills too.

(But to answer your question, no, you don’t have to class yourself as a “very good writer” to do this workshop.)

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this offering, I don’t provide refunds for change of mind. (Nothing in this policy though, affects the rights you may have as a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law.) For full sales terms and conditions, please click here.

If you can’t make it on the day, I can either give you access to the LWYC online workshop, or please feel free to send a friend instead. (Just let me know!)

If you’d like to ask me a question before you purchase, please get in touch.

Own your gifts… and write your book


New dates will be available soon.

Space is limited!

“You should write because it brings you happiness and fulfillment. I did it for the pure joy of the thing. And if you can do it for joy, you can do it forever.” – Steven King

I really loved the workshop, thank you. It gave me the answers I needed.

During the workshop I actually decided to outline an entirely new book, and it just flowed out of me. I am very thankful to be guided by Cassie, and for what she shared.

It has given me so much more confidence and I’m very excited to get cracking on my writing, now that I feel like I can manage this so much more easily. Thank you again for a wonderful workshop.

– Peta Jay, Writer

I was inspired to book into this workshop because I’ve been wanting to write a book for ages, and Cassie’s workshop appeared at the exact perfect time for me to get started.

The best part about the workshop was really getting to know my book, and getting my vague ideas floating around my mind out and onto paper. I now feel so excited and inspired to continue writing my book.

The workshop had a really high vibe, and I felt like I was in really great company. If you’re thinking about doing this workshop, definitely do it! You’ll come away feeling inspired and it’s a fab way to spend a couple of hours with like-minded people. Thank you Cassie, you’re amazing and I love your work.

– Hayley French, Pilates Instructor & Writer

“Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way.” – Ray Bradbury

Write the book you know you need to write (you totally can)


New dates will be available soon.

Space is limited!

I would absolutely love to work with you to help you construct, craft and create a beautiful book that you love.

See you there,

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