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It’s often during our most challenging times that we learn and grow the most.

When we detach ourselves from past disappointments and future outcomes, trust our journey and surrender to where we are now, we can tap into a new-found ability to approach our lives with a fresh perspective—one that stems from resilience and a devotion to our dreams.

It’s All Good reminds us that we can trust ourselves and know that we are supported on our path, even if we sometimes feel lost.


When we surrender to the bigger plan, we can be comfortable with the uncertainty that often lies between making plans and seeing our dreams manifest. We understand that we can take patient, aligned action in our lives, without attaching, controlling or making ourselves suffer through hard times. When we let go of expectations, we can truly receive our dreams, or something even better.

Not just a book to help you trust yourself and your own life path, surrendering to exactly where you are right now (which is the best place for you to be), this book will help you integrate the old, recalibrate the new and create (and receive!) what’s next for you.

Filled with practical tips, affirmations, meditations, energetic tools and more, It’s All Good guides us to surrender to where we are, tune into trust, and ultimately achieve the peace of mind that comes from knowing we are always supported.

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Tara Bliss

The ultimate permission slip; I can already hear the sighs of relief from thousands as Cassie gently reminds us all that everything, will indeed, be okay. This book offers perspectives and insights that'll have you reaching for the light again, rather than dwelling in the past. Practical, pragmatic with spiritual roots, It's All Good is a holistic journey back to true peace and joy.

Tara Bliss, Author of High: A Party Girl's Guide to Peace

Helen Jacobs

Piecing things back together after a perceived failure is now a little easier with It's All Good. Cassie's gentle words of encouragement along with her simple tools, practices and affirmations remind you you're not alone, you will get through this and there's something so much better on the other side.

Helen Jacobs, Soul Guide, Channel and Psychic

Rebecca Campbell

It's All Good is a down to earth guide to help you surrender, chill out and deeply trust that you are always supported by life, no matter what life throws your way.

Rebecca Campbell, Bestselling Author of Light Is The New Black and Rise Sister Rise

Emma Mildon

The essential read for anyone looking to get into alignment and master the transformational art of surrendering. A must-read for all of us in need of a soul check in, and tune up.

Emma Mildon, Bestselling Author of The Soul Searcher's Handbook

Amy Leigh Mercree

Cassie delivers inspiration and education in the most delightful manner. She shores us up with self-love and motivates us with helpful strategies in her new book It's All Good. I highly recommend this encouraging and uplifting read to raise your spirits and guide you through challenging times!

Amy Leigh Mercree, Bestselling Author of The Compassion Revolution, A Little Bit of Meditation, and The Chakras and Crystals Cookbook

Emma Sutherland

It's All Good is a book full of advice that every woman needs to hear. Compassionate, practical and encouraging, Cassie almost feels as if she is right there beside you, whispering pearls of wisdom in your ear.

Emma Sutherland, Naturopath, Founder of Studio You

Mel Wells

It's All Good gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Relatable, comforting, and straight from the heart; I couldn't put it down. This girl is on a soul mission! I love you Cassie - thank you for being such a light for Goddesses everywhere.

Mel Wells, author of The Goddess Revolution, Health & Eating Psychology Coach & International Speaker

Kate Callaghan

Cassie has a unique and beautiful ability to meet you where you're at. It's All Good reached me on multiple levels - as a mother, a business owner, and as a woman who is guilty of striving for perfection, placing unnecessary pressures on myself to achieve, and for beating myself up for perceived failures. Thank you, Cass, for writing the book, and providing the guidance we all need to read, to truly be happy and successful in this wonderful life we are lucky to be living

Kate Callaghan, Nutritionist & Author of Holistic Nutrition