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You chose this I parked my car, slowly I didn’t need to bump into any pavements or other cars to make myself feel any more nervous than I already was. I turned the car off and took a few shaky breaths. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. I... READ MORE
Powerful, not permanent A few weeks before giving birth… I was reading an article on the BellyBelly website (which I highly recommend!), and while I can’t remember the exact article I was reading, it spoke of ways to help manage the intensity of labour.⠀... READ MORE
Save some for yourself When I started adding kinesiology into my business and client sessions back in 2013, I also started to do lots of kinesiology balances on myself It was a lovely way for me to clear and balance my own energy, and it also helped me to cultivate... READ MORE
Potential and possibilities I’m back at my desk for my first day of work for 2019 (This is only the second time my laptop has been switched on in over two weeks!)   My goals for today are simple: ✔️ Introduce myself to my new day planner 👋🏻 ✔️ Make... READ MORE
An update and a surprise This will be my last post to you for 2018, and it starts with this pic: an oldie but a goodie   This was snapped by one of my lovely clients at the end of 2013/early 2014 in my Bondi clinic; it was the second clinic I’d started up on my... READ MORE
You get in the bowl There’s an ad on TV that I laugh at, every. single. time. It’s for M&Ms: a woman is lying on a couch, and asks her partner if he’ll get her a snack. He goes to the cupboard, and as he opens the door, he gets hit by all manner of snacks... READ MORE
You can feel expansion and fear at the same time I’ve been thinking about growth lately… … specifically, how we can be so hard on ourselves if (or when) we feel like we aren’t growing ‘enough’, or when we feel like we ‘should’ be further ahead then... READ MORE
Just start I recently spoke at the Hay House Writer’s Workshop It was the most wonderful day! (Here’s a snap!) I loved every moment of speaking on stage, meeting so many lovely people afterwards, and signing so many books. My cheeks actually hurt... READ MORE
… even in the spaces in between I’ve been in a little (okay a big) space in between lately I have found that—when sitting in a space of the unknown—two main things can happen; 1. We can make ourselves feel better about it by trusting, connecting and... READ MORE
From here, everything is possible Recently, I’ve done a lot of things that’ve pushed me outside of my comfort zone Things that felt ‘big’; things that brought up a lot of old stuff to clear and forgive, to heal and release; things that made me step up even... READ MORE